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Today Dhanteras(Dhanvantari Jayanti-Laxmi Poojan)

Today is 11 November is All indian hindus Celebrated Dhanteras and vag baras.Today is people doing laxmi pooja.

About Dhanteras

Dhanteras marks the first day of five-days-long Diwali Festival. Dhanteras Festival, also known asDhantrayodashi or Dhanwantari Triodasi, falls on the auspicious thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha in the Hindu month of Kartik (October/November). In the word Dhanteras, "Dhan" stands for wealth. On Dhanteras Goddess Laxmi is worshiped to provide prosperity and well being. Hence Dhan Teras holds a lot more significance for the business community.
Dhanteras is also known as Dhantrayodashi, and takes place two days before Diwali, in honour of Dhanavantri, the physician of the gods and an incarnation of Vishnu.

Dhanteras Preparations
To mark the auspicious day, houses and business premises are renovated and decorated. Entrances are made colorful with lovely traditional motifs of Rangoli designs to welcome the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. To indicate her long-awaited arrival, small footprints are drawn with rice flour and vermilion powder all over the houses. Lamps are kept burning all through the nights.

Dhanteras Celebrations
Dhanteras is celebrated with gusto and enthusiasm. "Lakshmi-Puja" is performed in the evenings when tiny diyas of clay are lighted to drive away the shadows of evil spirits. Bhajans ir devotional songs- in praise of Goddess Laxmi are sung and "Naivedya" of traditional sweets is offered to the Goddess. There is a peculiar custom in Maharashtra to lightly pound dry coriander seeds with jaggery and offer as Naivedya.
In villages cattle are adorned and worshiped by farmers as they form the main source of their income. In south cows are offered special veneration as they are supposed to be the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and therefore they are adorned and worshiped on this day.

Dhanteras Poojan
The worshipping of Dhanteras should be done in Subh Muhurat. First of all 13 lamps should be lighted and Kuber in the Locker should be worshipped. Lord Kuber is worshipped and offered flowers and it is said the I worship you Kuber lord who sits on the best plane similar to Garudamani, holding Gadha in both the hands and wearing crown on head, dear friend of lord Shiva.
After this worship with incense sticks, lamps, Navedy and chant the following mantra

"Yaxay Kuberay Vaishvnay Dhan Dhanya Adhiptye
Dhan-Dhanya Samruddhi me Dehi Dapay Swaha"
Dhanteras Story

Once upon a time, a king ruled a state. After many years, a child was born in his house. An astrologer said about king’s child that the boy will die after 4 days from his marriage.
King felt very depressed on hearing the words of astrologer. To save his son from any such incident, king had sent the boy to a place where no lady used to live nearby. Once, a princess passed from that path. Prince and princess saw each other and fascinated. They decided to get married.
According to the predictions made by astrologer, exactly after 4 days Yamdoot can to take the life of the prince. Seeing Yamdoot, wife of prince started mourning. Yamdoot requested Yamraj to tell a way to save the life of prince. Yamraj said, if ,a person who worship him on the Trayodashi night of Kartik Krishna Paksha with lamps facing the south direction then he never has the fear of sudden death. Since that day, lamps are lighted outside the house in south direction on Dhanteras.

Today Laxmi Pooja Muhurt
Pradosh Kal

Pradosh Kal is the time of 2 hours 24 minutes after sunset. Deep Dan and Lakshmi Pujan is considered auspicious during this time.

Today11 November 2012, sunset time will be from 17:44 to 20:08 in Delhi. During this period, Taurus Lagna will be the fixed Lagna from 19:05 to 20:08. The muhurat time will bring wealth in Home and family.

Chaughadia Muhurat
11 November 2012, Sunday
Amrit Muhurat from 06:10 to 07:37am
Shub Muhurat from 09:04 to 10:32 am
Char Muhurat from 17:49 to 19:22
Labh Muhurat from 22:27 to 24:00

Today Dhanteras Sms

Laxmi aayegi itni ki sab jagah Naam hoga,
Laxmi aayegi itni ki sab jagah Naam hoga,
Din raat vyapar bade itna adhik kaam hoga,
Ghar Pariwar samaj me banoge Sartaj,
Yehi Kamna hai hamari aap ke liye
Dhanteras ki Dhero Shubh Kamanaye
Happy Dhanteras!!

May This Dhanters Light Up New Dreams,
Fresh Hopes, Undiscovered Avenues,
Different Perspectives,
Everythin Bright & Beautifulfil And Fill Ur Days
With Pleasant Surprises And Moments.
Happy Dhanteras To You And Your Family.

May goddess Laxmi bless your business
to do well in spite of all odds like
the enduring charms of gold and diamonds
Happy Dhanteras

Dear Godess Lakshmi
Bless the reciepent of this message
with thirteen times Dhan
on this Dhan Teras
Happy DhanTeras!

Adorn our lives else trite
With sparklers that motley skies
As soaring spirits of powder wander
Let us thank the heavenly might,
In this festive season of lights.
Happy Dhanteras!!!

Dhan Dhanya Bhari He Dhanteras
Dhanteras Ka Din He Bada Hi Mubarak,
Mata Laxmi He Ye Din Ki Sanchalak
Chalo Milkar Kare Puja Unki…
Kyu Ke Laxmiji Hi To He Jivan Ki Udhharak

On the auspicious day of dhanteras puja
Hindus follow the tradition of purchasing precious metals
gold, platinum or silver, in the form of jewellery
coins or utensils, for good luck.Happy Dhanteras

Dhanteras Par Badhe Aapka Dhan,
Mata Laxmi Kare Khush Apka Maan,
Karte He Yahi Prarthna Mata Se,
Na Kabhi Dukh Pade Mere Dost Ko…

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