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Today Karwa Chauth 2012-About Karwa Chouth-Time of karwa Chouth-Mining of Karwa Chouth-Karwa Chouth Fast-karwa Chouth Costom-Karwa Chouth Images-Karwa Chouth SMS-Karwa Chouth Greetings.

About Karwa Chouth 2012

'Karwa Chauth' is a ritual of fasting observed by married Hindu women seeking the longevity, well-being and prosperity of their husbands. It is popular amongst married women in the northern and western parts of India, especially, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.

 Mining of karwa Chouth

       The term 'Chauth' means the 'fourth day' and 'Karwa' is an earthen pot with a spout - a symbol of peace and prosperity - that is necessary for the rituals. Hence the name 'Karwa Chauth'.

Custom of karwa chouth

           New brides often wear their bridal costume. In the evening, women dress up in special clothes, usually a red or pink sari or 'lehenga-choli' with gold woven 'zari' patterns. Fasting women from all over the neighborhood gather in a group and narrate mythological stories that underscore the significance of Karwa Chauth. And, of course, all wives expect lavish gifts from their husbands! All deck up in jewelry and wear 'mehendi' or henna patterns especially on the hands. Decorative 'bindis' on the forehead are a must for all women taking part in this celebration.

Time of karwa Chouth

This festival comes 9 days before Diwali on 'kartik ki chauth', i.e., on the fourth day of the new moon immediately after Dusshera, in the month of 'Karthik'

Fast of karwa Chouth

It is the most important and difficult fast observed by married Hindu women.No food or water can be taken after sunrise.At night when the moon appears, women break their fast after offering water to the moon.

Karwa Chouth SMS

Aaj Mujhe Aapka Khaas Intezaar Hai,
Karva Chauth Ke Din Per Apka Deedar Hai
Apki Lambi Umer He Mujhe Darkaar Hai,
Jaldi Aana Apke Liye Sab Chorr aitha Apka Pyar Hai!

May The Sindoor,
Testify Your Prayers,
For Your Husband’s Long Life.
The Mangal Sutra Reminds You Of,
The Promises That Binds You.
And The Color Of Mehndi,
Prove The Depth Of Your Love.
Happy Karwa Chauth..!!

When I say I love you,
It doesn’t mean just 3 words of love,
It means I care for you,
I trust u,
I believe you,
I miss you,
Love sometimes changes some moment
And sometimes Whole Life!
Happy Karwa Chauth…!!

On This Blessed Night,
May The Jingling Of Churis,
Fill Your Life With Good Luck,
The Twinkling Of Payal,
Announce Your Love For Him,

I’m feeling so happy, do u know why?
Cuz i m so lucky, do u know how?
Cuz God loves me.Do u know how?
Cuz he gave me a gift.
Do u know what?
Its YOU my love!
Happy Karwa Chauth…!!



Karwa Chouth Greetings