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 Today Eid-e- Milad

Today 25 January is Celebrated Eid-e-Milad in all Over World and Birth Anniversary of Hazrat Muhammad Paygamber.

About Today Eid-e-Milad

Eid-e-Milad is celebrated in the memory of Prophet Muhammed. The Holy Prophet was born on the twelfth day of Rabi-ul-Awwal in 570 C.E Saudi Arabia, Mecca. Rabi-ul-Awwal is the third month of the Muslim year. Eid-e-Milad is both, a time to rejoice and a time to mourn, since the Prophet passed away on the same day.

The tradition of celebrating the Holy Prophet's birthday on a large scale began in Egypt by the Prophet's descendants, through his daughter Fatima. It was celebrated mainly by religious scholars and religious establishments. They gathered to hear sermons, distributed sweets, alms and particularly honey, the Prophet's favourite. 
Celebration Eid-e-Milad

This festival is a day for both mourning and rejoicing. In some places a symbolic representation of prophet Mohammad placed in a glass s casket is taken out on a procession and this is called Urs. Here a ritual called sandal rite is practised where sandal paste or scented powder is smeared over the symbolic foot prints of Prophet engraved in stone. Also a representation of horse which is believed to have gone to heaven with him is also placed near the foot prints and it is called ‘buraq’.

The glass casket is decorated beautifully and people take out the procession during which Marsiyas and elegies are sung. People gather to hear sermons about the life and teachings of Prophet Mohammad on his day.Poetry or Naats are recited in the mosques. People offer special prayers and give alms on this day. Prayers are held for all twelve days. Street processions are held on this day and young children are told about the Prophet’s life and good deeds. On this day people honour Prophet Mohammad and commemorate his teachings and beliefs.
Eid-e- Milad Sms

” CHAHNAY*” “*.*”
WALUN KO.*””*.*””*.
* D!L * *. Se .* “*.*”
Mubarak ho….

 * JUSHN – E – EID *

Maah-e-Rabiul Awwal Sharif Mubarak…
Allah Kareem Is Mahine K Tufail ApKo….
Ata Farmaey……


Today Eid-e- Milad Greetings

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