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Today Saphala(Safala) Ekadashi-About Saphala Ekadashi-Today Saphala Ekadashi Celebration-Story of Saphala Ekadasi-Saphala Ekadasi Images

Today Saphala(Safala) Ekadashi

Today 8 January is Celebrate Safala Ekadashi.Today is also known as a Saphala Ekadashi.

About Saphala Ekadashi

Today The word “Saphala” or “Safala“ literally means “success”. Hence this highly fruitful Ekadashi is believed to bring in the ultimate success in the life of the one who observes fast on this day.

Saphala or Safala Ekdashi is observed during the waning phase of the moon and falls on the Paush Krishna Paksh Ekadashi in the Margashira month. Hence, it is believed that keeping the vrat or fast on this Ekadashi would help the devotee to achieve success in every phase of his life and it will open the doors of fame for him.

The significance of Saphala Ekadashi is stated in Brahmanda Purana and explained as a conversation between Lord Krishna and Yudhishtira.

According to the legend, Lumbaka, one of the sons of a famous king, used to question the supremacy of Lord Vishnu. Due to this attitude, Lumbaka got banished by the King from his kingdom. But he continued committing the sins and started troubling the poor people, plunder their wealth, killed the innocent animals and ate their raw meats. But once on the day of Saphala Ekadashi, he fell ill and hence unknowingly undertook the Ekdashi vrat by not eating throughout the day and remaining awake for the whole night. Next day, he started feeling better and therefore realized that this was all cause of the blessings of the Supreme Lord Vishnu. He returned to his father and asked for the forgiveness for the sins committed by him. Due to the Saphala Ekadashi fast, Lord Vishnu blessed Lumbaka with a blissful life ahead and he attained salvation after death.

Today Saphala Ekadashi Celebration

Story of Saphala Ekadasi

The significance of Saphala Ekadasi is mentioned in Brahmanda Purana. The importance of Saphala Ekadashi was explained to Yudhishtira by Lord Sri Krishna. Lord Krishna tells Yudhisthira the story of Prince Lumpaka who was the son of a powerful king by the name of Mahishmitha. King Lumpaka who was the eldest of the four sons of the king fell into material consciousness and preformed sinful deeds. The king could not tolerate his son’s sinful activities and exiled him to the forest. Lumpaka started to live under a banyan tree in a dense forest. The banyan tree happened to be very dear to Lord Vasudeva which was unknown to Lumpaka. But exiling him did not change the behaviour of Lumpaka. He would eat wild berries, roots and shoots, raw meat to survive and at night began to plunder wealth from the people of his father’s kingdom. As days passed due to fatigue and weakness he became unconscious on the day before Ekadashi and regained his consciousness at mid-day on Ekadashi. Because of his weakness he was not in a position to hunt so was not able to get any food. He collected whatever fruits had fallen to the ground and in a helpless pitiable condition decided to offer them to Lord Vishnu. He could not sleep the whole night due to cold. As a result of fasting and keeping awake he unknowingly observed saphala Ekadashi. The Supreme Lord Narayana was pleased and accepted his austerities. His sins were washed off and he was elevated to the stage of pure consciousness by the observance of Saphala Ekadasi.

Saphala Ekadasi Images