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Holika Dahan 2013 and Holi Celebration at Dhule Maharashtra

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Marathi industry Celebrities Holi Celebration

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Holi Celebration Malaysian Township Kukatpally

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Holi Celebration in Dev Sanskriti Vishwa Vidyalaya Shantikunj, Haridwar

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Story On Celebration Of Holi In Hyderabad

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Hair and Skin Care tips for Holi 2013 Celebration in Ayurveda

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Surat -Fire walk during Holi Celebration

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Unique Holi celebration in Junagadh

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Holi Celebration2013 in Jaipur Rajasthan india

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Pujya Asaram Bapu Holi celebration mahotsav Rajim kumbh 28th Feb 2013

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Holi Festival 2013 in Bikaner -Rajasthan -India

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Holi celebration in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai I

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Mayapur Holi Celebration

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Holi Celebration in Surat 26th March 2013 in divine presence of Sant Shri Asaram ji Bapu

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Holi celebration in Goa-India

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Holi celebration by asian in Nairobi kenya

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LIVE Holi 2013 Mumbai,Actor Sunil Shetty & Shekhar Suman celebrates

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Lafayette celebrates spring at Holi Festival

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Colors Holi Celebration 2013

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Holi- A festival to celebrate victory of good over evil

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Holi 2013 Dandiya Celebration in Pushkar Rajasthan

Holi Festival is Large Celebration in Rajasthan.In Pushkar Holi Day Grand Celebration is Very acctractive.One Video is Here.

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Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat-Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat date-About Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat-Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat Story(Vrat Katha)-How To Observe Amalaki Ekadasi Vrat- Amalaki Ekadasi Vrat Images

Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat date
Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat is coming on 23 march in year 2013 and According to Gujarati Month coming in Falgun Months Day of Eleven Every Year.

About Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat

Amalaki Ekadashi occurs on the 11th day in the Phalgun month of the Hindu lunar calendar during the waxing or bright phase of the moon (Shukla Paksha). Dedicated to Amlaki or Gooseberry Tree, observance of this Ekadashi is believed to bring in great prosperity and benefits. In Orissa, this Ekadashi is known as Sarbasammat Ekadasi and is held in Lord Vishnu and Lord Jagannath temples. Furthermore, if the Ekadashi falls on a Thursday, it is regarded as even more auspicious and is observed with special prayers and rituals. The next day of Amalaki Ekadashi is also considered to be highly fortunate and is known as Govinda Dwadashi. Continue strolling through the lines below to find out about the story of Amalaki Ekadashi vrat and the procedure for observing it.

Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat Story(Vrat Katha) 

King Mandhata once said to Vasishtha Muni, "O great sage, kindly be merciful to me and tell me of a holy fast that will benefit me eternally."
Vasishtha Muni replied. "O king, kindly listen as I describe the best of all fast days, Amalaki Ekadashi. He who faithfully observes a fast on this Ekadashi obtains enormous wealth, gets free of the effects of all kinds of sins, and attains liberation. Fasting on this Ekadashi is more purifying than donating one thousand cows in charity to a pure brahmana. So please hear me attentively as I tell you the story of a hunter who, though daily engaged in killing innocent animals for his living, achieved liberation by observing a fast on Amalaki Ekadashi following the prescribed rules and regulations of worship.
"There was once a kingdom named Vaidisha, where all the brahmanas, kshatriyas, vaishyas, and shudras were equally endowed with Vedic knowledge, great bodily strength, and fine intelligence. Oh lion among kings, the whole kingdom was full of Vedic sounds, not a single person was atheistic, and no one sinned. The ruler of this kingdom was King Pashabinduka, a member of the dynasty of Soma, the moon. He was also known as Chitraratha and was very religious and truthful. It is said that King Chitraratha had the strength of ten thousand elephants and that he was very wealthy and knew the six branches of Vedic wisdom perfectly.

"During the reign of Maharaja Chitraratha, not a single person in his kingdom attempted to practice another's dharma (duty) so perfectly engaged in their own dharmas were all the brahmanas, kshatriyas, vaishyas, and shudras. Neither miser nor pauper was to be seen throughout the land, not was there ever a drought or flood. Indeed, the kingdom was free of disease, and everyone enjoyed good health. The people rendered loving devotional service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Vishnu, as did the king, who also rendered special service to Lord Shiva. Moreover, twice a month everyone fasted on Ekadashi.

"In this way, O best of kings, the citizens of Vaidisha lived many long years in great happiness and prosperity. Giving up all varieties of materialistic religion, they completely dedicated themselves to the loving service of the Supreme Lord, Hari.

"Once, in the month of Phalguna (February - March), the holy fast of Amalaki Ekadashi arrived, conjoined with Dvadasi. King Chitraratha realised that this particular fast would bestow especially great benefit, and thus he and all the citizens of Vaidisha observed this sacred Ekadashi very strictly, carefully following all the rules and regulations.

"After bathing in the river, the king and all his subjects went to the temple of Lord Vishnu, where an Amalaki tree grew. First the king and his leading sages offered the tree a pot filled with water, as well as a fine canopy, shoes, gold, diamonds, rubies, pearls, sapphires, and aromatic incense. Then they worshiped Lord Parashurama with these prayers: 'Oh Lord Parashurama, Oh son of Renuka, Oh all-pleasing one, Oh liberator of the worlds, kindly come beneath this holy Amalaki tree and accept our humble obeisances.'

Then they prayed to the Amalaki tree: 'Oh Amalaki, Oh offspring of Lord Brahma, you can destroy all kinds of sinful reactions. Please accept our respectful obeisances and these bumble gifts. O Amalaki, you are actually the form of Brahman, and you were once worshiped by Lord Ramachandra Himself. Whoever circumambulates you is therefore immediately freed of all his sins.'

"After offering these excellent prayers, King Chitraratha and his subjects remained awake throughout the night, praying and worshiping according to the regulations governing a sacred Ekadashi fast. It was during this auspicious time of fasting and prayer that a very irreligious man approached the assembly, a man who maintained himself and his family by killing animals. Burdened with both fatigue and sin, the hunter saw the king and the citizens of Vaidisha observing Amalaki Ekadashi by performing an all-night vigil, fasting, and worshiping Lord Vishnu in the beautiful forest setting, which was brilliantly illuminated by many lamps. The hunter hid nearby, wondering what this extraordinary sight before him was.

'What is going on here?' he thought. What he saw in that lovely forest beneath the holy Amalaki tree was the Deity of Lord Damodara being worshiped upon the Asana of a waterpot, and what he heard were devotees singing sacred songs describing Lord Krishna's transcendental forms and pastimes. Despite himself, that staunchly irreligious killer of innocent birds and animals spent the entire night in great amazement as he watched the Ekadashi celebration and listened to the glorification of the Lord.

"Soon after sunrise, the king and his royal retinue - including the court sages and all the citizens - completed their observance of Ekadashi and returned to the city of Vaidisha. The hunter then returned to his hut and happily ate his meal. In due time the hunter died, but the merit he had gained by fasting on Amalaki Ekadashi and hearing the glorification of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, as well as by being forced to stay awake all night, made him eligible to be reborn as a great king endowed with may chariots, elephants, horses, and soldiers. His name was Vasuratha, the son of King Viduratha, and he ruled over the kingdom of Jayanti.

"King Vasuratha was strong and fearless, as effulgent as the Sun, and as handsome as the Moon. In strength he was like Sri Vishnu, and in forgiveness like the Earth itself. Very charitable and every truthful, King Vasuratha always rendered loving devotional service to the Supreme Lord, Sri Vishnu. He therefore became very well versed in Vedic knowledge. Always active in the affairs of state, he enjoyed taking excellent care of his subjects, as though they were his own children. He disliked pride in anyone and would smash it when he saw it. He performed many kinds of sacrifices, and he always made certain that the needy in his kingdom received enough charity.

"One day, while hunting in the jungle, King Vasuratha strayed from the footpath and lost his way. Wandering for some time and eventually growing weary, he paused beneath a tree and, using his arms as a pillow, fell asleep. As he slept, some barbarian tribesmen came upon him and, remembering their longstanding enmity toward the king, began discussing among themselves various ways to kill him. 'It is because he killed our fathers, mothers, brothers-in-law, grandsons, nephews, and uncles that we are forced to aimlessly wander like so many madmen in the forest.' So saying, they prepared to kill King Vasuratha with various weapons, including spears, swords, arrows, and mystic ropes.

"But none of these deadly weapons could even touch the sleeping king, and soon the uncivilised, dog-eating tribesmen grew frightened. Their fear sapped their strength, and before long they lost what little intelligence they had and became almost unconscious with bewilderment and weakness. Suddenly a beautiful woman appeared from the king's body, startling the aborigines. Decorated with many ornaments, emitting a wonderful fragrance, wearing an excellent garland around her neck, her eyebrows drawn in a mood of fierce anger, and her fiery red eyes ablaze, she looked like death personified. With her blazing chakra discus she quickly killed all the tribal hunters, who had tried to slay the sleeping king.

"Just then the king awoke, and seeing all the dead tribesmen lying around him, he was astonished. He wondered, 'These are all great enemies of mine! Who has slain them so violently? Who is my great benefactor?'

"At that very moment he heard a voice from the sky: 'You ask who helped you. Well, who is that person who alone can help anyone is distress? He is none other than Sri Keshava, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He who saves all who take shelter of Him without any selfish motive.'

"Upon hearing these words, King VasUratha became over-whelmed with love for the Personality of Godhead Shri Keshava (Krishna). He returned to his capital city and ruled there like a second lord Indra (king of the heavenly regions), without any obstacles at all.

"Therefore, Oh King Mandhata," the venerable Vasishtha Muni concluded, "...anyone who observes this holy Amalaki Ekadashi will undoubtedly attain the supreme abode of Lord Vishnu, so great is the religious merit earned from the observance of this most sacred fast day."

How To Observe Amalaki Ekadasi Vrat 

Legends take back to the period of King Chaitraratha who ruled the kingdom of Vaidisa. A loyal and passionate devotee of Lord Vishnu, the king and the entire kingdom was rich with no worries, thanks to the blessings of the Lord. On the day of Amalaki Ekadashi, the king along with his people visited a Vishnu temple situated on the banks of a river. Offerings were made to Lord Vishnu and Amalaki Tree in the premises of the temple. Offerings were also made to Lord Parashurama. In addition, all the followers stayed awake the entire night. A hungry hunter passing by joined the group singing bhajans as he was highly impressed by the devotion of the followers towards Lord Vishnu. With a fresh feeling, the hunter went back home and had his meals.

The hunter passed away after a few years but was reborn as King Vasurath that resulted from his dedicated observance of Amalaki Ekadashi. Once on his expedition, the king lost his way and was trapped by a group of tribes. The tribal people started torturing him with swords and spears considering him to be their enemy. Surprisingly, none of the weapons touched him and he escaped unhurt. The puzzled tribal people were informed about the king’s past from a voice in the sky. Eventually, the king came to know about his past life and since then, started observing the Amalaki Ekadashi vrat. Hence, Amalaki Ekadashi emphasizes on the faith, trust and devotion that can wash away all the sins of a devotee and help him attain salvation.

On this day, special prayers are offered to Amalaki tree and Lord Parashurama. A person practicing the Amalaki Ekadashi fast should cleanse himself with water and offer water to the Amalaki tree. The tree is then worshipped using incense, sandalwood, roli, flowers, etc. Thereafter, the Brahmins are served with meals beneath the Amalaki tree. Most devotees observe a vrat on this day following the rituals demanded on other Ekadashi vrats. Some even keep a vigil in the night. However, some people observe a partial fast, simply abstaining from food made of rice and grains.

Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat Images 

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April Fools' Day2014-Coming Date April Fools' Day2014-About April Fools' Day-April Fools' Day History-April Fools' Day Sms2014-April Fools' Day Greetings2014-April Fools' Day Pictures-April Fools' Day Screps2014

Coming Date April Fools' Day2014

April Fools' Day is Coming on 1st April 2014 and every year.This Festival is Large Celebration in all Over World.

About April Fools' Day 

April Fool's Day or All Fool's Day occurs annually on April 1. The day is generally observed by playing a practical joke on a "victim" who soon becomes known as an April Fool. This custom is thought to have started in France during the 16th century but the British are credited with bringing it to the United States.

Across the World
in April Fool's Day

April 1st is celebrated universally across the world as April fool’s Day. Celebrations for April fool’s day are limited till noon time in few countries like UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa while in Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Russia, The Netherlands, and the U.S celebrations are carried through out the day.

In India though the April fool’s Day is not celebrated as the traditional festival but these days, is becoming popular and is mainly celebrated among youngsters and kids. People love to play jokes and then shout loudly as “April Fool”

In Scotland, for example, April fool’s Day is observed for two days. The second day is meant for playing pranks involving the posterior region of the body and is also referred as Taily Day. The origin of the "kick me" sign can be traced to this observance.

In France, April fool’s day is called "Poisson d'Avril." French kids play a special game on this day. The object of the game is to tape a paper fish on someone's back without that person noticing. When the victim spots the fish taped to their back, the kids yell "Poisson d’Avril!" (April Fish!)

In Belgium, April 1st is meant for playing pranks on others but the phrase is said that one tries to bake April Fish on this day.

April Fools' Day History 

April fool’s Day is thought to originate long back in 1582, when new Gregorian calendar was adopted over the older Julian calendar.
Previously April 1st was considered the New Year day and the first day of the year; this was later changed to January 1st by King Charles IX of France while some of the people continued to practice older system.
It is also considered that few people might have celebrated the April 1st as the first day of summer, confusing it with the May Day or 1st May.

 April Fools' Day Sms2014

April 24 for Sachin;
July 01 for Lady Diana;
July 16 for Katrina Kaif;
October 11 for Amitabh;

 April Fool is a very special day
Cause you can lie as much as you may
Everything’s gonna be OK
No complaints will ever be made!
Happy April Fools Day

31st March Or 1st April,
it doesn’t matter.
A fool always remains a fool.
Wishing U a very happy, prosperous and
‘All Fools’ Day’
‘the King of Fools’!

April Fool (1st April) is the day
upon which we are reminded of
what we are on the other
three hundred and sixty-four

Y are U not an April fool?
Bcoz U believe in the equality of all months.
In any case, enjoy every day
bcoz everyday is every day.

April Fools' Day Greetings2014

April Fools' Day Pictures 

April Fools' Day Screps2014

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Bhojpuri Holi New2013 Songs

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Rajasthan Foundation Day2013-Coming Date Rajasthan Foundation Day2013-About Rajasthan Foundation Day-Celebration Rajasthan Foundation Day-Rajasthan Foundation Day Images-Rajasthan Foundation Day Video

Coming Date Rajasthan Foundation Day2013

Rajasthan Foundation Day is Coming on 30March 2013 and Every Year.

 About Rajasthan Foundation Day 

Rajasthan, land of romance and warriors is formed on 30 March 1949. Rajasthan will celebrates its 64th foundation day with great enthusiam and zeal. All over the Rajasthan, there are various cultural events organises on this day. To mark this auspicious day, every district headquaters organise numerous competitions like art, music, drawing, dance, rallies and other programmes.

In many major cities of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Alwar, Kota etc arrange many events which shows Rajasthan arts and culture. Educational and governmental institutions in Rajasthan also organises beautiful programmes.

Celebration Rajasthan Foundation Day 

Jaipur City will come alive with folk dances, rural sports, crafts bazaar and a theatre festival for a whole week in March as it hosts the Rajasthan Day celebrations, showcasing the state's rich culture and crafts.
The festivities are scheduled to start March 24 and go on till March 30 - celebrated as Rajasthan Day.
The celebrations, jointly organised by the Rajasthan government and Jaipur Virasat Foundation (JVF), will showcase different aspects of Rajasthani culture and hopes to attract tourists from across India and abroad.
The Rajasthan Day celebrations will be a weeklong mélange of festivals and events. It attempts to make the people of Rajasthan feel good, have a sense of pride about their state and to know more about their rich cultural legacy.
There will be "folk performances, craft bazaar, night bazaar, Rajasthan food festival, rural sports, a police tattoo show, army band performance and a theatre festival".

Rajasthan Foundation Day Images 

Rajasthan Foundation Day Video
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Konkan Turtle Festival-Coming Konkan Turtle Festival-About Konkan Turtle Festival-How to Rich Konkan Turtle Festival-Konkan Turtle Festival Images-Konkan Turtle Festival Video

Coming Date Konkan Turtle Festival

 Konkan Trtle festival is coming on March-April month.This is 15 days festival.

About Konkan Turtle Festival 

The Konkan Turtle Festival is held at the small village of Velas, which is located on the scenic Ratnagiri coast of Maharashtra. The festival is organized by the Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra in the month of March. The Festival aims at protecting the endangered Olive Ridley Turtles. During this 14-day long festival, activists of the organization along with tourists and local people release thousands of freshly hatched Olive Ridley Turtles into the sea. The endangered Olive Ridely Turtles can be seen taking amazing march into the sea at the annual Turtle Festival. The festival is a must-visit for people who love environment and nature.

Over the years, the festival has spread from Velas to 30 other villages. As soon as the female Olive Ridley turtle lays its eggs, activists of the SNM take away the eggs and keep them protected in a special nesting site. This site protects the eggs from nature’s predators as well as predatory human beings. Once the eggs are hatched, the baby turtles are taken to the shoreline – and soon the baby turtles flip their way into the sea waters and swim away.

Tourist Essential

The festival is a must-visit for environment lovers. In addition, there are other places to see and visit in this area. This includes some spectacular scenery as well as a famous Mahalaxmi temple. Accommodation is pretty basic and visitors are put up by the villagers in the homes. The food served is predominantly vegetarian. The festival is a great way to experience the way of life in Indian villages.

 How to Rich Konkan Turtle Festival 

Konkan Turtle Festival Images 

Konkan Turtle Festival Video

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Easter2013-Coming Date Easter2013-About Easter-Easter Sms 2013- Easter Greetings2013 -Easter Pictures-Easter Screps2013

Coming Date Easter2013

Easter is Grand Celebration  on 31 March in all over world.

About Easter

Easter is the day when Jesus Christ was crucified and the Christians offer prayers and services in the Churches. Easter is another important festival for Christians. On this day Jesus Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. Easter eggs and Easter bunnies are a major attraction during Easter, the festival of rejuvenation of life and living.

In the days of the early Christian church, only Easter Sunday was celebrated as a holy day. By the fourth century, each day of the week preceding Easter was established as holy days including Good Friday.
To most Christians, Good Friday is really a misnomer in that it was a "bad" Friday—the crucifixion day of Jesus. Some believe the term "Good" evolved from "God" or God's Friday. Others believe "good" represents the good gift of salvation brought forth by the martyrdom. Regardless, it is a holy day throughout the Christian world.

Ceremonial worship of the holiday follows closely to the events described in the scriptures. Some congregations still hold a three-hour service on Friday representing the three hours He hanged on the cross. A typical service includes seven distinct elements representative of Christ's seven utterances while on the cross.

Good Friday is a day of sincere reverence among Goan Catholics. It is the culmination of Lent, an important observance in the lives of devout Catholics. Lent is observed for 40 days from February to March, beginning with Ash Wednesday and ending on Good Friday followed by Easter Sunday.

Easter Celebration 

The Celebrations in Panjim, hundreds of devout Goan Catholics gather in the Panjim Church of Mary Immaculate Conception to listen to mass and participate in the Way of the Cross. During the afternoon sermon, the priests narrate the sufferings that Jesus Christ took upon himself for the sake of humanity.

The mass is in Konkani, Goa's state language, attracts a crowd too large for the church itself, and people stand in the doorways and in the premises, dressed in formal clothes with somber countenance.

Easter Sms2013 

Easter is a promise God renews to us in each spring. 
May the promise of Easter fill 
your heart with peace and joy! 
Happy Easter!

May Lord bless you on this auspicious day of Easter, 
and May it be a new beginning of greater prosperity, 
success and happiness. 
Wish u a Happy Easter 

The budding trees, new flowers
And birds that sweetly sing
Whisper to me that its Easter
Here's wishing warmth for ur soul
On Easter and always!
Happy Easter!

The Easter feeling does not end,
it signals a new beggining of nature spring and
brand new life of friendship.
Happy Easter to My Best Friend!

Easter bring Fun, Easter bring
Happiness Easter bring God Endless
Blessings Easter bring fresh love...
Happy Easter to You with all best wishes

May Lord bless you on
This auspicious day of Easter,
And may it be a new beginning
Of greater prosperity,
Success and happiness.
Wish you a Happy Easter!

Easter Greetings2013

 Easter  Pictures 

Easter Screps2013 

Releted Links

Easter symbols 
Easter History
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