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Coming Date Easter2013

Easter is Grand Celebration  on 31 March in all over world.

About Easter

Easter is the day when Jesus Christ was crucified and the Christians offer prayers and services in the Churches. Easter is another important festival for Christians. On this day Jesus Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. Easter eggs and Easter bunnies are a major attraction during Easter, the festival of rejuvenation of life and living.

In the days of the early Christian church, only Easter Sunday was celebrated as a holy day. By the fourth century, each day of the week preceding Easter was established as holy days including Good Friday.
To most Christians, Good Friday is really a misnomer in that it was a "bad" Friday—the crucifixion day of Jesus. Some believe the term "Good" evolved from "God" or God's Friday. Others believe "good" represents the good gift of salvation brought forth by the martyrdom. Regardless, it is a holy day throughout the Christian world.

Ceremonial worship of the holiday follows closely to the events described in the scriptures. Some congregations still hold a three-hour service on Friday representing the three hours He hanged on the cross. A typical service includes seven distinct elements representative of Christ's seven utterances while on the cross.

Good Friday is a day of sincere reverence among Goan Catholics. It is the culmination of Lent, an important observance in the lives of devout Catholics. Lent is observed for 40 days from February to March, beginning with Ash Wednesday and ending on Good Friday followed by Easter Sunday.

Easter Celebration 

The Celebrations in Panjim, hundreds of devout Goan Catholics gather in the Panjim Church of Mary Immaculate Conception to listen to mass and participate in the Way of the Cross. During the afternoon sermon, the priests narrate the sufferings that Jesus Christ took upon himself for the sake of humanity.

The mass is in Konkani, Goa's state language, attracts a crowd too large for the church itself, and people stand in the doorways and in the premises, dressed in formal clothes with somber countenance.

Easter Sms2013 

Easter is a promise God renews to us in each spring. 
May the promise of Easter fill 
your heart with peace and joy! 
Happy Easter!

May Lord bless you on this auspicious day of Easter, 
and May it be a new beginning of greater prosperity, 
success and happiness. 
Wish u a Happy Easter 

The budding trees, new flowers
And birds that sweetly sing
Whisper to me that its Easter
Here's wishing warmth for ur soul
On Easter and always!
Happy Easter!

The Easter feeling does not end,
it signals a new beggining of nature spring and
brand new life of friendship.
Happy Easter to My Best Friend!

Easter bring Fun, Easter bring
Happiness Easter bring God Endless
Blessings Easter bring fresh love...
Happy Easter to You with all best wishes

May Lord bless you on
This auspicious day of Easter,
And may it be a new beginning
Of greater prosperity,
Success and happiness.
Wish you a Happy Easter!

Easter Greetings2013

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