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Khatu Shyamji Fair and Festival-Coming Date of Khatu Shyamji Fair and Festival-About Khatu Shyamji Fair and Festival-Celebration Khatu Shyamji Fair and Festival-How To Rich Khatu Shyamji Fair and Festival-Khatu Shyamji Fair and Festival Images

Coming Date of Khatu Shyamji Fair and Festival

Khatu Shyamji Fair and Festival is Coming on February to March Month every Year,

About Khatu Shyamji Fair and Festival

The Khatu Shyamji Fair and Festivals is one of the most important events in the religious calendar in Rajasthan. The fair is held at the Shaymji temple, located 48 kilometers from Sikar. An annual event, it is held every year from the 10th to the 12th day of the lunar month. These days are known as Phalgun Sudi Dashmi and Phalgun Sudi Dwadashi respectively and fall in either February or March.

There is a legend attached to the temple as well as the festival. According to it, Barbarik, Bhima’s grandson was keen to fight with the Pandavas in the Mahabharata. However, Lord Krishna was not in favor of his participation. This is because Barbarik was extremely powerful and Lord Krishna felt that if he participated, the war would end easily in favor of the Pandavas and justice would not be served. The Lord appeared as a Brahmin and asked Barbarik for a favor. He agreed and the Lord asked him to sacrifice himself. Barbarik readily did so. In return, the Lord placed his head on a hill so that he could see the great battle in the plains below. He also decreed that Barbarik would be worshipped as Shyam.

The legend behind this Khatu Shyamji fair is rooted in the Indian history since the time of Mahabharata. Before the battle of Mahabharata started, the grandson of Bhima, Barbarik went to lord Krishna and Pandavas and he volunteered to fight from their side. Barbarik was very brave and a great warrior. Lord Shiva and the god of fire blessed him with three infallible arrows. They also gave him the Bow, which would make him victorious in all the three worlds. Lord Krishna thought that it would be unfair as the war might end without justice because Barbarik was very strong and the battle between the Pandavas and Kaurwas will end in haste. 

Barbarik wanted to participate in the battle from the side of the loosing end and he equipped himself with the bow and three arrows and fled on his horse. Then lord Krishna played a trick. He took the appearance of a Brahmin to examine his strength and played jokes on him for heading to the battleground with just three arrows.

Barbarik then explained the Brahmin that only one arrow was enough to destroy all the enemies in the war. If he would use all the three arrows, it would create chaos in all the three worlds. Lord Krishna challenged him to tie all the leaves of the peepal tree under which he was standing, with one arrow. Barbarik took one arrow from his quiver and released it from his bow.

The arrow tied all the leaves together, but lord Krishna had one leaf under his foot. The arrow then started revolving around his foot, and he asked the Barbarik, whom he would favour in the war. Barbarik restated that he would fight for the side, which loses. Lord Krishna had foreseen the defeat of Kauravas, he thought if this brave boy joins them, the result would be in their favour.

The Brahmin (Lord Krishna) asked for daan from the boy. Barbarik promised to give him anything he wished for, and then the brahmin asked him for his head in daan for worshipping the battlefield by sacrificing head of the bravest Kshatriya. Barbarik readily obeyed him and chopped off his head. Lord Krishna was enamored with the sacrifice and blessed him with two boons, namely, first was that he would see the war from the small hill, on which Krishna had placed his head and the other was that he would be worshipped as ‘Shyam’ in Kalyug. 

Barbarik’s head was buried in Khatu. After many prolonged period head was found in the earth when the place was digged. A Brahmin worshipped the head for many days and then the King of Khatu built a temple and installed the head "SHISH" on the 11th day of Shukla Paksha in the Kartik month.

Celebration Khatu Shyamji Fair and Festival

The people participate in the fair with a great zeal, vivacity and resplendence. Beautifully decorated shops, swings, plays, Tamashas and sweet tidbits attract not only children but also everyone who comes to this fair. Children enjoy Joy rides very much; they are also part of Khatu Shyamji fair in Rajasthan.

How To Rich Khatu Shyamji Fair and Festival

By Air
Nearest airport is Jaipur which is 80 kms from Khatu Shyamji. One can board a cab or a bus to reach the desired destination.

By Rail
Nearest railway station is Reengus. All the trains running on Delhi route passes through Reengus. One has to take Taxi, Jeeps etc. for reaching Khatu Shyamji.

By Road

Delhi to Gurgaon - Manesar - Dharuheda - Bahror - Kotputli - Shahpura - Chandwaji - Choumu - Ringas - Khatu (Approx. 300 km)
Delhi to Gurgaon - Manesar - Dharuheda - Bahror - Kotputli - Shahpura - Ajitgarh - Deorala - Shri Madhopur - Ringas - Khatu (Approx. 270 km)

Khatu Shyamji Fair and Festival Images