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Coming Date Rajasthan Foundation Day2013

Rajasthan Foundation Day is Coming on 30March 2013 and Every Year.

 About Rajasthan Foundation Day 

Rajasthan, land of romance and warriors is formed on 30 March 1949. Rajasthan will celebrates its 64th foundation day with great enthusiam and zeal. All over the Rajasthan, there are various cultural events organises on this day. To mark this auspicious day, every district headquaters organise numerous competitions like art, music, drawing, dance, rallies and other programmes.

In many major cities of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Alwar, Kota etc arrange many events which shows Rajasthan arts and culture. Educational and governmental institutions in Rajasthan also organises beautiful programmes.

Celebration Rajasthan Foundation Day 

Jaipur City will come alive with folk dances, rural sports, crafts bazaar and a theatre festival for a whole week in March as it hosts the Rajasthan Day celebrations, showcasing the state's rich culture and crafts.
The festivities are scheduled to start March 24 and go on till March 30 - celebrated as Rajasthan Day.
The celebrations, jointly organised by the Rajasthan government and Jaipur Virasat Foundation (JVF), will showcase different aspects of Rajasthani culture and hopes to attract tourists from across India and abroad.
The Rajasthan Day celebrations will be a weeklong mélange of festivals and events. It attempts to make the people of Rajasthan feel good, have a sense of pride about their state and to know more about their rich cultural legacy.
There will be "folk performances, craft bazaar, night bazaar, Rajasthan food festival, rural sports, a police tattoo show, army band performance and a theatre festival".

Rajasthan Foundation Day Images 

Rajasthan Foundation Day Video