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Coming Date Hazrat Ali's Birthday2013

Hazarat Ali's Birthday is Coming on 24 May 2013.

About Hazrat Ali's Birthday 

Religion is one of the most important parts of human beings life. It regulates how we live our daily life. Whether a Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist or Sikh all religions have important part to play in one’s life. In the Muslim community there is a day when a very important personality is remembered and honored, he is none other than the Hazarat Ali. He was a great man for whom all Muslims of the globe have great respect and love. Annually an event is dedicated to this great man for his good deeds. He was the son in law of the Prophet Muhammad and therefore he is looked upon with immense respect in one’s heart. 

His birthday which is popular as Hazarat Ali’s Birthday is celebrated in the whole of India with great reverence and joy. It is a time for all Muslims in India to come together to remember Hazarat Ali and spread the message of love and care. This special event is not only popular in India but in all other countries where Muslim communities are present. The celebration is felt everywhere in India but if you really want to know how exactly is the event celebrated of if you want to get a closer look of the celebration of the Hazarat Ali’s birthday then you need to be at places where there is high percentage of Muslim population.
This particular has a great significance in the lives of all Muslims for it is the time when they celebrate the great qualities Hazarat Ali had such as the courage, belief, great knowledge and wisdom and most of all honesty. People are taught about the advantages of having these qualities in oneself by the religious teachers in various mosques and Madrassas. He was not only remembered by the rich and wealthy class but he is most remembered by the poor ones for Hazarat was known for his equal treatment to all Muslims. He didn’t believe in treating well to only those who does good to you. Therefore he is remembered for the generous thinking he had.
The birthday of Hazarat Ali is a day also of the celebration and all Muslim women engage in preparing amazing variety of traditional dishes and serve the entire family. All family members near and far come together to at least have a meal together in the name of this great prophet. Houses are decorated with glittering lights and colorful flowers and thus make merry the entire day with friends and family. Relatives visit each other’s houses and offer their home made dishes as a mark of respect and care for each other. Mosques are beautifully decorated and huge feast are organized so that homeless can also come and enjoy a warm meal there. People engage in singing hymns of this great man and many charitable activities. This year in 2013 it is slated to be observed in the month of May on 24th Day which is a Friday. India it is not a government holiday and business also remains open however Muslims can take permitted holiday on this day

History of Hazrat Ali's Birthday  

Mowlana Ali was born on the 13th of Rajab, 22 years before the Hijra (600AD) within the sacred walls of the Holy Ka'ba - a birthplace that is exclusive to him as no one else was born there ever since its erection by Prophet Abraham. His mother, Sayyida Fatima, daughter of Asad bin Hashem, related that at birth he neither cried nor opened his eyes, and even refused to be fed. This lasted for three days, until the Prophet Muhammed came to see his young nephew, who then opened his eyes and smiled as the Prophet took the child lovingly into his arms. Ever since this intimate moment they remained together throughout their lives, until their physical separation at the time of the Holy Prophet's death (Aziz, 1974).

 Hazrat Ali's Birthday Images