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Coming Date Mohini Ekadashi2013

Mohini Ekadashi is Coming on 21 May 2013.

About Mohini Ekadashi 

Mohini Ekadashi is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is observed in the month of Vaishakha during the waxing phase of the moon (Shukla Paksha). While this ritual falls in the Vaishakha month in the calendars of North India and other regions, the same ritual occurs in Chithirai month in the Tamilian calendar, in Edava month in the Malayalam calendar and in Jyeshto mash in Bengali calendar. Fasting on Mohini Ekadashi is believed to eliminate all sins and help in leading a happy and prosperous life. Also, a person undergoing sadness is effectively able to overcome this sickness. Devotees believe that observing a fast on Mohini Ekadashi is more fruitful than performing ritual baths in the holy rivers or performing sacrifices. Find out about the legend behind observing Mohini Ekadashi vrat and the method of performing the same.

Mohini Ekadashi Fast Importance 

Person gets rid of all his sins and griefs by observing this fast. It is observed on the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha, Vaisakha Masa. A person gets free from the trap of infatuation. Hence, everyone in sorrow, should observe this fast. On the day of fast, it is must to hear the fast story.
Person who wants to observe this fast, he should follow the rules of this fast from Dashmi (a day before Ekadashi). He should not have dinner in utensil of bronze, on the night of Dashmi. And, nothing should be eaten after the night meal. In this meal, onion or meat etc. should not be eaten. Only Satvik food should be eaten. Avoid having barley, wheat and gram etc.
It is important to prepare oneself mentally for the fast, as it is for a longer time period. Also, person observing this fast should start sleeping on floor, from Dashmi itself. On Dashmi Tithi also, a person should avoid speaking lie or hurting anyone. It is must to follow the rules of this fast from Dashmi.
On the day of Ekadashi, person observing the fast should wake up before the sunrise. And, he should complete his routine work and have bath in pure water. Using water of a spiritual river or lake is considered auspicious, for bathing. A paste of Kush and Til should be used in bathing. As per scriptures it is believed that using these items for bathing make a person pure to perform the Puja.
After bathing, clean and nice clothes should be worn. And Lord Vishnu and Ram are worshipped. The fast is started after taking the resolution of fast. The resolution is taken infront of the idol of God.
An urn is placed and covered with red color cloth and worshipped. Then, idol or picture of God is placed on the urn. After this, Lord is worshipped with incense stick, lamp and flower. Followed by hearing of fast story.

Mohini Ekadashi Fast Story

There was a city named Bhadravati at the banks of river Saraswati. Here lived a king named Ghrit. In his kingdom, lived a rich merchant. He was a holy person and a devotee of Lord Vishnu. He had five sons. His eldest son was a sinner, who used to dink alcohol and do gambling etc. His parents threw him out of house with some money.
Whatever he got from his parents was soon finished. After which, he started works like steeling etc, for his living. Then, he was caught while steeling. Now he was sent out of the city to spend the time of his punishment. One day, he did not get any prey. So, hungry and thirsty, the boy went to the Ashram of a Muni. He joined his hands and pleaded the Muni to take him in shelter and tell him a way to get salvation from this terrible life.
Listening to his request, Muni told him to observe the fast on Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha, Vaishaka month. And said, this shall remove all sins of his life. So, he observed the fast of Mohini Ekadashi and got free from his sins. Finally, he reached the Vishnu Lok.

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