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How Can Be Celebrate independence day 2020.

How Can Be Celebrate independence day 2020.

After 200 years of British rule, India officially gained its independence on 15 August 1947. On this day, Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of independent India, hoisted the Indian national flag above the Lahori Gate of the Red Fort in Delhi and addressed the nation, marking the start of a tradition that continues today.

Although celebrations take place throughout the country, India’s capital city, Delhi, home to the 17th-century Red Fort that used to serve as a political centre, is the main staging area for Independence Day festivities.

On the eve of Independence Day, a national holiday, the president of India delivers an address to the nation from his office that is broadcast nationally. On the morning of 15 August, the celebration kicks off with the arrival of the prime minister of India who receives a general salute from the guard of honour, which consists of representatives from the three wings of the Indian armed forces (army, navy and air force) and the Delhi police.

The main event begins with the hoisting of the national flag by the prime minister, which is synchronised with 21 honorary gunshots and followed by a moving rendition of the ‘Jana Gana Mana’ (India’s national anthem). To remind his or her people of the country’s struggle for freedom, the prime minister addresses the nation and reminisces on the events leading up to India’s independence and ends the speech with a note about the country’s future.

Later in the day, celebrations include patriotic parades and pageants focussed on honouring the freedom fighters, a march-past led by the Indian armed forces and paramilitary forces and performances by schoolchildren.

It was on 15th August 1947 that India was declared independent from British colonialism, and the reins of control were handed over to the leaders of the Country. India's gaining of independence was a tryst with destiny, as the struggle for freedom was a long and tiresome one, witnessing the sacrifices of many freedom fighters, who laid down their lives on the line. where Prime Minister Narendra Modi will unfurl the National Flag this will be followed by his customary address to the nation.

How Can Be Celebrate independence day 2020.

On his arrival at Lahore Gate of Red Fort, he will be received by the defence minister Rajnath Singh, minister of state for Defence Shripad Naik and Defence Secretary Sanjay Mitra.

According to the Ministry of Defence (MoD), the defence secretary Mitra will introduce the General Officer Commanding, Delhi Area, Lt Gen Asit Mistry to the Prime Minister.  Mistry will then escort him to the saluting base where a combined Inter-Services and Police Guards will present a general salute to the Prime Minister; this will be followed by him inspecting the Guard of Honour.

In the Guard of Honour contingent, there will be one officer and 24 men each from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Delhi Police.  They will be positioned directly in front of the National Flag across the moat below the ramparts.

The Guard of Honour will be commanded by Wg Cdr Anuj Bharadwaj, as this year the Indian Air Force (IAF) is the coordinating Service, the Army Contingent will be commanded by Major Laishram Tony Singh, and the naval contingent by Lt Cdr Prashanth Prabhakar.  And, the IAF contingent will be led by Sqn Ldr S B Gowda and the Delhi Police contingent by Additional DCP Bikram HM Meena..

This year the Army contingent has been drawn from the 2 Garhwal Rifles, the 2nd Battalion of Garhwal Rifles, was raised on March 01, 1901 at Lansdowne.After inspecting the Guard of Honour,  Modi will proceed to the ramparts of the Red Fort where he will be welcomed by the defence minister Rajnath Singh,  Minister of Defence for Defence Shripad Naik, and the three service chiefs.

The GOC Delhi area will escort Modi to the dais to unfurl the National Flag, with the IAF band playing the National Anthem and the National Guard presenting ‘Rashtriya Salute’.
The IAF band is being commanded by Junior Warrant Officer Pankaj Babu. And, Modi will be assisted by Flying Officer Preetam Sangwan in the unfurling of the National Flag, two officers of the IAF Flt Lt Jyoti Yadav and Flt Lt Mansi Geda will be positioned on either side of the saluting dais.

While the unfurling is on, there will be a 21 Gun Salute fired by the gunners of the elite 2233 Field Battery (Ceremonial), which will be commanded by Lt Col C Sandeep and the Gun Position Officer will be Regiment Havildar Major Kolate Rajesh Sripati.

The National Flag Guard will have 32 men and one officer each from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Delhi Police will present Rashtriya Salute at the time of unfurling of the flag. Wing Commander  Kunal Khanna from IAF will be in command of this Inter-Services Guard and Police Guard.

The Army contingent for the National Flag Guard has been drawn from the 5th Battalion of the First Gorkha Rifles.  This was initially raised in January 1942 at Dharamshala and was later demobilised in December 1946, before being re-raised on the 01 January 1965 at Solan (Himachal Pradesh).  The Battalion has participated in major operations by Indian Army to include ‘Operation Pawan’ in Sri Lanka in 1989, ‘Operation Rakshak’ in J & K and ‘Operation Rhino’ in Assam.

After Modi’s address, school children and NCC Cadets will sing the National Anthem.  Also, there will be 3,500 girl students drawn from 41 government schools in Delhi; 5,000 boys and 700 NCC cadets (Army, Navy and Air Force) of 17 schools. They will display ‘strength in unity’ by the formation of words ‘नया भारत’ (Naya Bharat).

How Can Be Celebrate independence day 2020.

How is Independence day celebrated in schools.

Independence Day is a national holiday in India, and as such all schools close for the day. Celebrations vary from school to school, but most schools will hoist the colours of the national flag. Primary schools will also get into the spirit by decorating their classrooms and performing plays for fellow students or reciting patriotic poems. Since the day is a holiday for all, most people choose to spend this time with their loved ones and celebrate as they see fit.