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   The Hindus celebrate this festival in the Ashtami of Krishna Paksha. Moreover, Lord Krishna is the most powerful incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is a joyful festival for the Hindus.   This is one of the most joyous celebrations for the Hindus.

Lord Krishna
  Bhadon is a month in the Hindu calendar.  Because he was one of the most powerful Gods.   Lord Krishna was born to free the world from evil.
As a result, he played an important role in the book of Mahabharata.  

 The month of Shravan brings in a fresh fragrance with celebrations and joyous ambiance, when the entire society soaks in the mood of festivity. People from all corners of our country gets geared up to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami in the Shravan month of Hindu calendar. With great devotion and enthusiasm devotees observe fasting during the day and stay awake until midnight to offer prayers and after that, they feed themselves with fruits, dhaniya panjiri , sabudana pakoda, sweet lassi and other food that is considered as auspicious.
A glimpse of Janmashtami festival in Vrinda.

  If you have a plan to travel to the state of Maharashtra, during the time of August, then don’t miss out the Janmashtami celebration In Maharashtra. Embark on a journey with Kesari Tours and spend wonderful holidays in Maharashtra. Also known as the Gokulashtami, this festival goes with the Gokulas‘Dahi Handi’ celebration. Clay pots with Dahi, butter, are hung high on a top, and all the young people form humans pyramids to break the ‘Handi’ and chant ‘Govinda Govinda’! 
In our childhood days we used to hear a lot of tales about Lord Krishna from our grandmother and mother. Now, it’s time to take a tour to Krishna’s born and brought up place, where Janmashtami is considered one of the main festivals. Well, Vrindavan and Mathura are the two holy towns where the celebration continues for a week before the actual day. Take the pleasure of the various plays and rasleela’s which are organized over there. Decked up in colorful attires, everyone gets geared up for tapping their feet with the perfect sounds of the dhol.