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Want to delete messages on WhatsApp even after the time limit is over? this is the way


 Many people use WhatsApp.  It has been given many such features which makes it different from others.  In this, a similar feature has been given the feature of delete for everyone.  With this, the user can delete the sent message for the receiver within 1 hour.

 This feature can be used even after the time limit.  For this you have to follow some easy steps.  Here we are telling you this method for Android phone.  With this, you can delete the message of WhatsApp for the receiver even after the time limit is over.

 There is a very simple way for this that you have to assure WhatsApp that you have not crossed the time limit of 60 minutes or 1 hour.  For this you have to change the phone time.  Suppose you have messaged a user at 10 in the morning.

 It has been more than 4 hours since you sent the message.  That is, it is now 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  In such a situation, you cannot officially delete the message for the receiver, but you can do it with the way we are going to tell here.

 First of all, you have to turn on flight mode in your phone.  After this, you have to touch and hold the WhatsApp icon and press it for a while.  After this, you will get the option of uninstalling WhatsApp and App Info.  You have to click on App Info.  After this you have to click on Force Close or Force Stop.

 After this, you have to go to the date and time setting of the phone and set the time within 1 hour of the time of sending the message.  Think of it like this if you have sent a message at 10 in the morning and it is now 2 in the afternoon.

 In such a situation, you have to set the phone time after 10 am and before 11 am.  After this you have to open WhatsApp and go to the chat whose message you want to delete.  Here you will see the delete icon on pressing on the message.  In this, click on Delete for everyone.

 After this, fix the time by going to the date and time of the phone.  Now remove the phone from flight mode and turn on data.  Your message has been deleted for everyone even after the time limit is over.

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Top 5 Online Dating Apps for Indian 2021

 For Date Online or Offline we are very excited for this, so today we will get information about Top 5 Online Dating Apps for Indian and will know which dating App can get us better partner and how?

Now a days we need to know about online dating new ways and we will talk about the top 5 online dating apps here and you do not need to tell everyone that you can install all these apps in your phone. And you do not need to remember the name or password of the website.

This is the most popular dating in India and is the best for Indian, because here you can easily find Indian partners. If you have to date online and are searching for resources for that, then anyone can download the top 5 online dating apps. All these apps are for dating

But by downloading it, we should get a little information about it. So that we can have easy use of these apps and we can understand their terms & condition very well. So let's understand in detail about all the apps one by one.

1.Happn App


It is one of the most popular online dating app at the moment and we all must have seen many promotions about it on YouTube. So far there are over 50 million users on Happn App, who keep connecting with every new partner.

Happn App is a FREE Dating App, so there will be no problem in downloading it. You can download it for your Android and iOS devices. Some of the main features of this app are as follows.

In this, we can signup in an easy way. We just need a Facebook account for verification.

The best thing about this app is that until both parties like each other, they cannot talk. With this we can be safe from unnecessary messages.

On Happn, we can share our personal interest as well as professional interest.

2.Tinder Mobile App


Not only is Tinder India Famous all over the world and we can get 20 billion Matches here to date and if we look at the Top 5 Online Dating mobile Apps, then it is the most popular among them and about its right and left swipe we Everybody knows

More than 10 crore people have downloaded the Tinder mobile dating app and in this we get to see 4 major features.





If you are searching for a partner according to your location, then this app may be the best for you. In this, we have to have a Facebook account to create an account, after that we can easily create our account and date with our partner of choice.

3.Woo Dating App


This is a free app and in this we can get a chance to date with a person we like. It is not popular like the rest of the App tinder and happn, but still it has downloaded 10 million people.

It is a desire to make this app that people with one kind of idea can date so that their bonding will be good. Like if you join this app. So before you date with a partner, you can do QA and match it and your interest.

If we find a partner like us, then along with the message, we can also call our partner from the Direct woo App.

4.Bumble App


It is also a location based social media and dating app and if we want to build a valuable relationship then this app is perfect. It has been downloaded by 21 million people so far.

The best thing in Bumble is that women can initiate communication in this first. It is very easy to use but in this also we have to have a Facebook account to create an account. When you use this app, you will get to see many more features. Such as Connect Instagram account etc.It is also a location based social media and dating app and if we want to build a valuable relationship then this app is perfect. It has been downloaded by 21 million people so far.

5.Truly Madly App


This app has been created by Sachin Bhatia and currently he is also the co-founder of Truly Madly App. Top 5 Online Dating Apps An app that if you want Indian partner for Purely India, then Truly Madly App can be good for you.

It has been downloaded by 10 lakh people so far and it is Paid App. This app has got a rating of 3.5 on the Play store which is an average rating. Us in this app

Select: If you want to use all its better features, then you upgrade it and use the paid version.

Sparks: Spark can help you start a conversation with your matches without waiting for a match. Send a spark with a personal message and look like never before.

Video Profile: You can put video on your profile and improve the profile.

According to Super Safe: Security, it is also safe, but if you upload a photo and profile, then no one can download it.

Trust Score: When you increase your trust score by verifying your Facebook, Linkedin, Phone Number, Photo ID etc., you get more matches, so there are no fake people on TrulyMadly.

Endorsement: Ask your good old friends to back you up at TrulyMadly and increase your trust score. Better score, to match with more people.

This is the Top 5 Online Dating Apps for Indian and by downloading any of these apps, we can find the right dating partner for ourselves. Some of this app's user review is not very good, but there are some such apps which are best for users and we can download and use them. If you are using any of these apps, then share your thoughts.

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How to earn money while having fun | Junglee Rummy Game

  Who does not like games, whether it is a child or a grown-up, everyone likes games. There are many types of games that we play in the Rosemary. At the same time, the use of computers and mobiles has increased the most in today's technology era. At the same time, you will also get to play many different types of games.

Today, the game we will know about in this article is "Junglee Rummy". Yes friends, this Junglee Rummy is an Indian Card Game that people mostly like to play in their mobile phones. This is such a strategic game that you have to use your brain to play. At the same time, by playing it, you can also earn a lot of money.

Ever since Jio telecom has entered the Indian market, data rates have come down considerably due to which a lot of increase in online activities has been found. And anyway, where earlier people used to run 1 Gb of data throughout the month, whereas today, today, in a day, many GB of internet are used. Do read this, how to earn money from App.

In such a situation, online Gaming has also seen a lot of growth. That's why we thought that why should you be provided complete information about a very popular online game "Junglee Rummy in Hindi". So let's start without delay.

What is Junglee Rummy ?

Junglee Rummy is a skill based online game that you can play in Mobiles and computers. This is a very popular game card game that you can play with other players online if you want.

You can also do play rummy online and participate in free rummy games and tournaments. Not only this, you can play online rummy (rummy) games through this trusted rummy app and get the ultimate casino rummy experience. The best thing is that you can play it anywhere and anytime.

Whereas if you like other card games like teen patti, poker and blackjack, then you are going to have a lot of fun playing Rummy too.

This Indian Rummy (Rummy), is played between 2 to 6 players, while each player has to play their game in 13 cards only. Two decks for playing Indian Rummy consisting of 52 cards + 52 cards (104 cards) plus 4 Jokers. All these cards are played using Rummy Online.

At the same time, you can play Junglee Rummy app in the best way in mobile. This popular mobile card game is played in an environment that is very similar to that of a real casino.

By the way, you will get a lot of rummy tables to play, while the Junglee Rummy free app gives you a free opportunity to play free card games with your family, friends and other players in their platform.

Now if you like playing rummy online like Indian games, then you must download the Junglee Rummy app so that you can get a very good online gaming experience. At the same time you can play Junglee Rummy except Teen Patti and Fantasy Games.

What are the Indian Rummy variants that are available on the App?

Let's know about all those Rummy Variants that you can find in Indian Rummy games on Junglee Rummy App. Let us know about all those Formats.

Points Rummy: Download Indian Rummy online game Play Points Rummy in free and thrilling format. Points Rummy is really quite enjoyable to play. At the same time, you can play in your mobile or tablet.

Pool Rummy: This is also a very popular format of Rummy. To play this 3D game Junglee Rummy game app, you have to download it first. Then you can enjoy this highly competitive Pool Rummy games properly.

Tournaments: If you want, you can also win big exciting Junglee Rummy freerolls (free-entry tournaments) and cash tournaments. In order to experience a best game app, you have to download Junglee Rummy app. At the same time you can win cash with that, by playing action-packed tournaments!

Once you have downloaded this free video game, then you can register Junglee Rummy in a wide variety of tournaments!

How to download Junglee Rummy Mobile?

By the way, if you want to play Rummy, then you can easily download it by visiting the official website, for which you just have to visit in your mobile phone.

At the same time, you can use the Junglee Rummy mobile app on any of your devices, whether it is your Android Smartphones / Tablets, iOS device, you can download and use it anywhere.

Download Junglee Rummy For Android

Download Junglee Rummy For iOS

How to download Junglee Rummy Mobile?

By the way, if you want to play Rummy, then you can easily download it by visiting the official website, for which you just have to visit in your mobile phone.

At the same time, you can use the Junglee Rummy mobile app on any of your devices, whether it is your Android Smartphones / Tablets, iOS device, you can download and use it anywhere.

Why is Rummy so popular?

A skill based game like Rummy is also of great benefit to its company creator. Because there is a lot of possibility of in-game earning, which helps a lot in the growth of the company directly.

Users deposit some small amount of money in it, while there is a desire to get more money in their mind. Which makes a very strong revenue share for this game. The thing that makes this skill based game so much more interesting is that the chances of it are very high for those who play well and play with their mind.

The same thing motivates them to play the best, while they spend more and more money to win good money.

How to earn money from Junglee Rummy

Free and Cash Rummy Games

This Junglee Rummy app has been designed in such a way that will give you a complete experience, whether you want to play free or play cash versions games. At the same time, you will not be limited in any way.

Where in free games, you can only play with the help of practice chips. In Paid Game, you can play cash games from this app. Multiple Payment Options

Multiple Payment Options

In this game Junglee Rummy, you are provided with a lot of payment options, which allows you to win cash.

At the same time, the Junglee Rummy app offers you many options to deposit money and also to play cash games.

Easy and Seamless Navigation

The user interface of this game will get you new and improved user interface which will greatly increase your gaming experience that you have never experienced before.

At the same time, playing this game is very easy and seamless even for a casual user.

Best Bonuses and Promotions are received

This app has been designed to give you a complete desktop gaming experience. You will not feel much difference between these two.

You will get all your favorite games, bonuses and cashbacks available in this app itself, there will be some exclusive bonus offers, only those mobile app users who have deposited using the app.

You can easily unlock additional bonuses and cashback offers when you use this app. Now play rummy anywhere and anytime.

What are the minimum technical requirements to download Rummy Game?

Let's know what are the minimum technical requirements to play Rummy Game.

Operating System Supported: Android 4.4 and above.

Minimum Processor Speed: 800 MHz

Screen Resolution: 1920 × 1080, 1920 × 1200, 800 × 480, 1024 × 768, 480 × 854, 960 × 540, 1024 × 600, 1280 × 720, 1280 × 800

All iPhones and iPads running version 8.0 or above support all games.

Contact Rummy Game's Customer Support

If you ever have any problem in playing this game, or in downloading. Then you can definitely contact them with their Customer Support.

Support Email: -

Call: 1800-572-0555


I hope you have liked this article of what is Junglee Rummy in Hindi. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information to the readers about how to earn money of playing Junglee Rummy game, so that they do not have to search in other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments.

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