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By | 2 August, 2022

With Elite Motion, bringing your projects to life is as easy as Add, Adjust, Animate! To help explain the basics of Elite Motion so we can get you ready and building your own custom projects, we’ve created the following introductory series.

Getting Started (Part One) covers adding and adjusting layers to your project, preparing them for animation.

Please note that depending on your version of Elite Motion and your device, the menus may look slightly different, especially at the following times:

Add Menu (1:00) – Vector and freehand drawing are available from the main screen in newer versions of Elite Motion.

We’ve added several more blending modes to Elite Motion, and organized them into categories. Multiplication is contained in Darken. Included in Screen Lighten. Contains mask and exclude mask.

Once you’ve added and adjusted your layers, it’s time to animate, which is covered in Getting Started – Part Two!

Now you are on your way to creating more complex projects! Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments of these videos or any of our other tutorials on YouTube, we go through them regularly!

Elite Motion is more dynamic than ever! Version 4.0 introduces a bunch of new features to help you set up scenes, rig character joints, pan and zoom, and much more! Read on for all the details.

Download Alight Motion

Particularly useful effects include Parenting Helper, Bend, Move Along Path. With the exception of the parenting helper, which applies to child layers, other effects with this tag must be applied to the parent layer, and then affect the state of the child layer.

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