Covid -19 omicron virus is How Much painful for Chindren…?

The Omicron variant of the Covid-19 is more dangerous for children »It is more dangerous for children in South Africa. Omicron is still identified in its dangerous form by Dr. Hope to be Angelic. No, but more dangerous in the future, claims Koevzi said in an interview with South African Medical Association President Angelique Koevzi.

He added that if a person has been vaccinated, or has been infected with the coronavirus before, the omicron variant will be less prevalent in these people and the omicron variant may be more prevalent in non-vaccinated people.


ઓમીક્રોન બચવાના ઉપાંય વાંચો

He further added that the Covid-19 epidemic is not over yet and will become “endemic” in the coming days. This uncontrolled virus can be a threat to every human being. Agency> New Delhi The first to know about Omicron in South Africa. Angelique Koezy was born. Dr. “There will be an increase in cases of the new form of coronavirus, Omicron infection, in India, but most people are hoping to see a common symptom, as is the case in South Africa,” said Angelique Courtney.


ઓમીક્રોન વાઈરસ નવા બે લક્ષણો વિષે વાંચો 



The president of the South African Medical Association also said that the current vaccine would help prevent the spread of this variant, but that people who have not been vaccinated are at risk. He also said that Omicron

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