Do you also sleep at night with your mobile phone charged?

Do you also sleep at night with your mobile phone charged? So read this special: If you have a habit of sleeping on a mobile charge all night, then read this special you also sleep with your mobile charged at night? How appropriate is this habit of yours? Learn what the experts say.

Using a mobile phone is just as beneficial for people. Equally harmful. Most people these days are using smartphones. Which makes your tasks easier. But do you know how much it hurts you? Using a mobile phone late at night has a negative effect on the eyes and head. Many people also have the habit of falling asleep all night on mobile charging. So that in the morning they get a mobile flower charge. But do you know the disadvantages?


ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 


Learn what the experts say
Experts say that although there were some problems with charging in earlier mobile phones, now is the time for smartphones. Just like you don’t eat after a full meal, the battery of a smartphone stops charging after it is 100 percent charged.

According to experts, today’s smartphones have such a charging circuit. Which automatically shuts off the supply after the battery is 100 percent charged. Then the battery goes to 90 percent like charging. Charging resumes.

If the mobile phone gets hot while charging, many people turn it off in panic. They think that there are many problems with the battery. Experts say that this may or may not happen. Sometimes the virus in the phone also causes the mobile to get hot from the back side. However, he says it would be better not to leave the mobile charged all night.

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