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Passed students with Mathematics Basic were not allowed to get admission in A group in Std-11 Science
Following the board’s circular, the school principal was found to have been fined Rs 25,000 per student for false admission.
But how many schools have been allotted admissionThe principal was fined. Students who have studied Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad can get education, he said. Thus, admission was rumored before 202૨



Students who are credited for admission in Std-11 Science by the Board in the recognized schools of the Board have also been clarified by the Gujarat-Gujarat Board by giving admission in Std-11 Science from CBSE Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. Despite the Board of Education not issuing circulars with Std-10 Mathematics Basic, the students of Std. The board was told not to admit to the group. Despite the circular taken in July 2021 by the study with the required basic of academic standard-10, this examination is done according to the pattern of Gujarat Education Board examination conducted by some schools in many years 2020-21 of the state.



ગુરુ પૂર્ણિમા સ્પેશીયલ photo બનાવો 



આચાર્યને દંડ બાબતના સમાચાર વાંચો 

Lowe had allotted such admissions. The academic year will be taken by the board in a recognized clause ignoring the board’s circulars. This examination was followed by the Board’s Executive Committee approving the admission of the students who passed the Std-11 Science in Std-11 Science in 2021-22 by approving the admission of the students who passed the Std-11 Science. The board will be in charge of this. In addition, the school has given Rs. An issue has been raised before the committee regarding non-allocation of admission to 5,000 students.

There was a lot of flow despite the school circular. In order to give admission to the students except by the executive committee of the board, the principal had thus allotted the admission from his personal account. However, a resolution was passed. It was also clear that the principal of the credited school would have to personally deposit the amount per student through the demand draft in his bank board from the account taken by the executive after receiving the board representations on the issue. As per the decision to allot admission to the students, Rs. A fine of Rs 5,000 has been deposited in the bank.

Was demanded for. Following which Std-10 has to be passed along with Mathematics Basic. According to the information received by the principal from the CBSE, the students who have completed the academic year 202-22 by CBSE will have to submit it through Std-11 Bhan Draft. Stated.

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