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Introducing Android Remote Support, a new efficient solution for technical support!
It helps establish a connection between you and your spouse, providing the most intuitive and convenient way to point out your problem and get instant help. You can share your screen, receive receipts and send messages so that your partner can quickly understand the problem and then provide useful suggestions.

Quick guide:

  1. Download and open the AirDroid Remote Support app on your mobile device.
  2. Share the 9-digit connection code to your partner who has downloaded AirMirror. (Note: your partner needs to download the mirror mirror, no remote support to connect with you)
  3. After your spouse connects to your device via a 9-digit connection code, you’re connected!

Voice call
Your partner may call you to discuss the problem in real time.

Screen sharing
Share your screen with your partner to see the problem together. Starting / stopping / stopping screen sharing is all under your control.

Tutorial Gestures
Your spouse can show his operation trace and lead you to a solution.

You can send text messages, pictures or even voice messages to help you communicate with each other.

Privacy protection
During screen-sharing, you pause when you want to protect your password and privacy.

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