Download Application How to Find other people’s live location in this way

Download Application How to Find other people’s live location in this way:


Technology Desk Ahmedabad: Family Locator provides a real-time location tracking service that allows families and close friends to share their location information privately and communicate with each other. Our GPS trackers help parents and caregivers reduce anxiety about their loved ones’ visits and warning messages.


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🤔 GPS tracker for parents and children: For time-sensitive communication, the GPS locator can quickly pinpoint the location of each family member. Location Thacker App is a place-sharing platform for peace of mind.


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👨‍👨‍👦 Best Family Locator App for Loved Ones: This useful, easy-to-use app leverages the latest technology to help you connect with people (and devices) in real-time. Parents can easily find their children anytime

As a parent it is natural to worry about your children. You can’t always be with them to see where they go and what to do. Or if they are not home in time and you do not know where they are. This is a really worrying situation. However, with the Mobile Phone GPS Tracking App, you can see where your kids are on your laptop or your phone. This way you can always keep an eye on them and feel relieved

✍️ With GPS Tracker you can:
💎 Real time location of family members of family and close friends on personal family map seen on family locator
🕵️ Get properly realtime alerts when friends or children arrive or leave places – the best way to keep your children and your children safe!
📡 Get automatic notifications when a friend nearby – Find my friends! (Where are you?)

✳️ GPS location tracker for a stolen phone or lost phone
🗣️ Shake your phone to send a panic alert in case of emergency.
✳️ Turn your phone or tablet into a walk-in talkie with e-mailing and enjoy free voicemail messages.
😘 View your loved ones history

😘 View your loved ones history


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