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Download Astrosage Horoscope: Astrology App: Astrosage’s free astrology software is not only a very comprehensive but completely free online software, with the help of which you can create your own birth chart without the help of an astrologer sitting at home. This birth chart is also called Janma Kundli or Janma Deshari in India.

વાલી ને મોકલવાની ઈમેજ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા

અહી ક્લિક કરો

that can be used to get information about all kinds of events that happen in life. According to astrology, the good and bad events that take place in the life of every human being are influenced by the position of the planets and constellations present in his horoscope. By creating a horoscope after birth, information about the position of the planets and constellations in one’s life can be obtained. Following are some of the special benefits of horoscope making.

This Astrosage software calculates the exact position of the stars and planets and other astrological details based on your birth time and place of birth and prepares your horoscope in a very detailed way. Use our free astrology software to calculate your personal horoscope and get detailed horoscopes and predictions.

Note: This is an online and web-based software, so this software cannot be downloaded.
Features of this software

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Astrosage’s free astrology software gives you all the necessary calculations, information and predictions based on your horoscope. It gives you various astrological charts with sun, moon, rising, constellation and price. If you need anything to use this software for free, it is just an internet connection. After that you can get astrology software in your browser which is absolutely free.

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