Download Best Pragna Upcharatmak Files For Student

Download Best Pragna Upcharatmak Files For Student.Understanding children’s thought-processing and comprehension process and learning how to listen to children attentively and empathetically તમામ all of these things are pre-requisites for the formation of a student-friendly teacher.

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This task helps the teacher to understand that study is not a linear process but has many divisions and is inherently a process. And is possible in a variety of circumstances (including everyday events). This understanding and perspective cannot be cultivated by the mere study of comprehensive theories concerning the study.


1 ઉપચારાત્મક બૂક-૧ ક્લિક કરો
2 ઉપચારાત્મક બૂક-૨ ક્લિક કરો
3 ઉપચારાત્મક બૂક-૩ ક્લિક કરો
4 ઉપચારાત્મક બૂક-૪ ક્લિક કરો

Every child needs to be made aware that a healthy and disease free life is very important. There is an urgent need to develop awareness of useful habits for health and healthy living. It has been suggested that a holistic, systematic and scientific approach to health-related education and health awareness should be included in the curriculum of teacher-training.

This content should include: nutrition, personal and environmental health, family and school health, disease prevention, and control (including HIV / AIDS), mental health, accident prevention, health awareness, use of health services, physical Fitness and sports.

Theoretical course work: 2 to 3 principles of the curriculum are based on the basic concepts and research of psychology, philosophy and sociology to keep the student teacher engaged in theoretical concepts and fame work. The course focuses on the principles of child development and adolescent development, the process and context of socialization, social and emotional development, self-identification, cognitive and learning processes, language learning and -, childhood structure and school-health and physical health and all-inclusive education. .

And each theoretical course should have internally incorporated field-work based units that cover projects and assignments such as interactions and observations with children and adolescents; Their concepts and knowledge about natural and social phenomena; Testing of school health related events and related social structure


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