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BharatAgri – Smart Farming and Agriculture App for Farmers

BharatAgri has made a mark by helping more than 10 Lakh+ Indian farmers doing smart farming throughout India.

🍎 BharatAgri is a Smart Kisan & Smart Farming App for Farmers using all-new Agri tech solutions (Kheti Badi) with the help of available technology like Smart Satellite Mapping, Weather Forecasting, Soil Testing, and Water Testing to increase farmers overall farm income. So if you also want to become a “Smart Farmer” then download and use the BharatAgri App (खेती ऍप/Krishi app) and get the best farmer support.

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How important is the “BharatAgri Krushi App” for Smart Farming?

🍊 Adverse effects of the unpredicted weather on agriculture are already known to us which can lead to farm losses thus it is necessary to have weather forecast, pest & disease management, proper & timely guidance from crop experts for better crop growth. With the help of Smart Farming practices & access to necessary information, BharatAgri Farmers have been able to increase their farm income by ₹25,000-₹50,000/acre.

🍉How important are Crop Management, Crop Information & Crop Advisory for farmers?

🍇 It is essential to get a proper crop advisory at the right time & price. The agricultural sector is growing rapidly, which needs the adoption of recent farming practices like Fertilizer Control, Weather Forecast, Kheti News & Mandi Bhav (मंडी भाव) because traditional strategies or improper farm management can incur losses. Thus it’s highly recommended to have a good app for farmers which works as a crop protection app & improves crop management for increasing the overall farm income of the farmers.

🌱Why should a farmer choose the BharatAgri- Smart Shetkari App?

🍅 Personalize Crop Calendar & Good Crop Advisory (पीक सल्ला) helps farmers do farm activities of Nutrient control, Irrigation control, Crop safety, etc. With BhraratAgri App (कृषि ऍप) the farmer gets access to Krushi Gyan (कृषी ज्ञान) from Agriculture professionals (कृषी तज्ञ) and this information helps farmer become a Smart Farmer.

🍆 Farmer (किसान/शेतकरी) receives crop advisory & crop information right from the crop choice to harvesting with best agronomy solutions, that leads to as much as a 60% increase in crop production & up to 40% decreased cultivation cost.

🥕 Personalized Crop Calendar (व्यक्तिगत पीक/फसल सेवा)
BharatAgri App provides a personalized crop calendar which is included in BharatAgri Super Seva & curated uniquely for each farmer and crop by an Agri Doctor. The Crop Calendar helps increase the farm produce. Basically, it works as a Kisan Suvidha/Kisan App which helps farmers to increase the farm yield.

🍓 Pest & Disease Management for Crop protection
Protect your crop from all pest attacks & diseases well in advance & get advocated treatments from BharatAgri Krushi Doctors through BharatAgri Chat & Call Seva (किसान नेटवर्क)

🛰️ Satellite Imagery of your farm
Now monitor the vegetative growth of your farm anywhere with real-time satellite imagery & do preventive measures against pest attacks & diseases, which helps farmers do organic farming as well as integrated crop management.

🌦️ Weather Forecast
Now get an accurate weather forecast for your farm & alerts for rain prediction or any climate change up to 3 days prior. With the weather prediction app’s help, farmers can take precautions beforehand, which can have a considerable effect on crop production, thus making it one of the most important Kisan Suvidha!

💧 Soil Testing & Water Testing
Get your Soil & Water tested with the help of an Agri Doctor (ॲग्री डॉक्टर) & know the nutrient availability report made from Crop Experts.

📞 Chat, Call & Video Call support from Agri Doctors
The farmer gets priority support via Chat, Call, or Video Call from Krushi Doctor/Agri Doctor for personalized crop advisory, accurate weather Forecast & solutions to nearly all problems at his farm (अपनी खेती)


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AgroStar is India’s foremost AgTech start-up working on the mission of #HelpingFarmersWin by providing a complete range of Agri solutions at the fingertips of farmers. AgroStar’s best agriculture application provides a combination of agronomy advice from Agri doctors/experts coupled with agriculture information and Agri products that enable farmers to significantly improve their productivity and income.

AgroStar currently operates in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh and has over 5 Lakh farmers on its Kisan agriculture Helpline app. Farmers can avail Agri solutions for the entire crop life-cycle with a simple “missed call” or through its Android app, which is the highest-rated farming focused apps in India.

AgroStar Farmer App: AgroStar Agri app is a one-stop solution for all agri-needs. Farmers can access personalized, Agri focused content, tips and articles focused on helping farmers grow better produce and solve common problems occurring on the farm. They can also browse through a wide variety of quality Agri products like seeds, farm crop protection, crop nutrition, and farm implements belonging to the best agri-brands in the country.

What’s in the AgroStar Agri-Doctor App for Indian Kisan?

1. Krishi Charcha (किसान चर्चा)
2. Weather Forecast for your farm crop (मौसम)
3. Agriculture Information and advisory (फसल जानकारी)
4. AgroStar Agri-Shopping (कृषी शॉपिंग)

Why download the AgroStar Agri-Doctor App for farmers?

1. Biggest & most loved online farmer agriculture community in India
2. Available in 11 Regional languages: Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, English. Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi
3. Small size: 6.03 MB only
4. Works offline and in 2G & 3G: All pages will be available in offline mode. Also the app uses very little internet data! AgroStar App is specially designed for Kisan in rural India who want to do farming and agriculture the progressive way.

Features of the ‘AgroStar Agri-Doctor’ App:
#1. Krishi Charcha (किसान चर्चा) Krishi Charcha is the new online helpline for Indian Kisan in Agrostar app where farmers connect with AgroStar Agri-Doctor and farmer community for discussing their farming and agriculture queries! Here, they post their agriculture problems with pictures, videos & text in their local languages.

#2. Weather Forecast (मौसम) Agrostar app is having the best weather widget which provides 7 days weather forecast to farmers in advance. Farmers can access weather forecasts based on their location to make smart agriculture choices. Weather updates include rainfall, temperature & humidity. We know extreme weather is an emergency for our Kisan, and send them emergency alerts. Brought to you in association with the world-renowned weather service provider- Accuweather.

#3. Crop Info (फसल जानकारी) (GJ, MH, RJ) Get expert information about 50+ crops including vegetables, horticulture, floriculture, fodder, cash, oilseed, spices, and pulses. Identify most diseases & nutrition issues in major crops like Cotton, Okra, Cumin, Bajara, Tomato, Watermelon, Chilli, and get to know their symptoms. You also get guidance on methods to solve them using quality products, both organic and chemical, from more than 150+ agriculture brands. In addition to this, you get smart farming, organic farming tips, and mandi price in the app.

#4. Agriculture Shopping (कृषी शॉपिंग) Agrostar app is the best online shopping store for farmers. Kisan can do the shopping for all the agri-products -seeds, crop nutrition, crop protection, farm implements, organic products, etc. from Agrostat Agri-Doctor App. The app has products from more than 150+ reliable agriculture brands like Bayer, DOW, Dhanuka, Indofil, Ajeet, MAHYCO, Rasi, Kisan Kraft, Pioneer, Monsanto, Ankur, Honda, TATA Rallis, Kaveri, UPL, Mahindra, John Deere, Kubota, VST, Lemken, Jain Irrigation, Rivulis, etc.

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