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Caution PM Modi names vaccine booster dose as ‘precautionary dose’: first and second doses, only third dose can be taken So they will be given a third dose of the same vaccine, while those who have taken a dose of covacin will also be given a third dose of covacin. Will be given.

મોબાઈલની લત વિશેનો લેખ

વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month announced a precautionary dose of the corona vaccine. Covid booster doses can be taken today by citizens over the age of 60 with a serious illness, including healthworks and frontline works.

બુસ્ટર ડોઝ શું કરે છે અસર વાંચો 

However, PM Modi called it a ‘precautionary dose’ instead of a booster dose. The dose is being given at a time when cases of coronal omicron variants in the country are on the rise, with health and Tline Works as well as people over the age of 60 suffering from pre-diabetes, hypertension and chronic illness.

બુસ્ટર ડોઝ બાબતના સમાચાર વાંચો

People who take booster dose on the advice of 5.75 crore doctors in the country will be given precondition dose of coronavaccin i.e. booster dose. Of these, one crore are health workers, two crore are alternatives. The Ministry of Health has stated that there is no requirement for registration for precautionary doses, those who are eligible can go to the vaccination center. No decision has yet been made on booster doses for all adults. However, those who qualify for this will be given a booster dose 9 months after the second dose of the covid vaccine. The central government has made it clear that a booster dose of the same vaccine will be given as before.

This means that Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a “precautionary dose” last month amid a steady demand for booster doses in view of the threat posed by Omicron to those taking the Covishield vaccine. Prime Minister Modi said on December 25 that Corona warriors, health workers and fatline activists have been instrumental in keeping the country safe. That is why the government has decided to give a special dose of vaccine to all of them as part of safety. With the rise of corona cases, some doctors and health workers have come in contact with the disease. Some of these have become infected a second time.

Infections are higher among health workers in metropolitan areas. Dr. Balram Bhargava, director general of the Indian Medical Research Council, said that all covid vaccines, be they from India, Israel, the United States, Europe, Britain or China, do not prevent coronary heart disease. The vaccine primarily reduces the severity of the infection, eliminates the need for hospitalization, and reduces the risk of death. A British study report found that a dose of the vaccine could provide up to 88 percent protection against hospitalization from an omikron infection.

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