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Question: When should school arrangements be made? Which teacher in the system has to go. After how many distances the teacher going to the system will get T.A. Get a bill The teacher in charge of the system who is in charge of the school, can do departmental, administrative and financial work?


Ans: As you state, the Government has made it clear in the Rule of Transfer of School Management regarding the transfer rules, dated 6-5-2017, Chapter-2 of Rule-2 that in case of retirement, resignation or any other reason without the teacher, the head of the group school The teacher will have to manage the school in such a place by appointing another teacher from any of the group schools until a permanent teacher is appointed in the school.


The headmaster of the group school will be responsible for running the school regularly. Thus, there is a provision to send any teacher of the group school for arrangement. In which seniority is not to be seen.

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Moreover, no provision has been made to place Std. 6 to 8 teachers. If 3 km from the teacher’s headquarters. If you have to go on duty at a distance greater than (within the air radius) T.A. , D.A. Is reachable.


But if there are more days in a row, the D.A. of the number of days outside the headquarters. Remains to be shaped. T.A. Just come and go is shaped. All the departmental, administrative and financial responsibilities remain to be handled when the school is handed over.

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