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Introduction: The Government of Gujarat is striving for effective agricultural management for farmers in the state, reduction of uncertainty in agricultural production, reduction in agricultural expenditure and increase in farmer’s income. In response to the call to double the income of farmers, the state government has implemented various programs, schemes or campaigns, out of which the emphasis in the budget for the year 2020-21 is on promoting natural agriculture.


મોદી સરકારે વધારી યોજના વાંચો સમાચાર 

Natural farming is the cultivation of low cost cow dung and cow urine based on the basic principles of nature. Subsistence cost for a cow to a full family farming family based on native cow farming for the purpose of increasing soil moisture storage capacity, fertility and production capacity, negligible production cost, higher cost, water saving and protection, nutrition and breeding of environment and human health.



ઓનલાઈન ફોર્મ ભરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

ગાય સહાય ની માહિતી મેળવવા માટે તેનો લેટર વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો


The proposal for administrative sanction of Rs.2000.00 lakh for the new matter of the scheme of assistance was made by the Director, the Consensus and the State Nodal Officer, in a letter No. (1) taken by Atma Vanchan. Resolution: At the end of adult consideration, in the year 2020-21, under the new matter, a resolution was taken to revive the state’s economy in the adverse economic situation arising out of COVID 12 epidemic for a scheme to provide maintenance cost for a cow to a farming family based on fully natural farming based on native cows. As per Gujarat self-reliant package announced from Rs. It is decided to give administrative sanction for expenditure of Rs. All the farmers in the state will be able to avail the benefit of Rs. 200 / – per month (within the annual limit of Rs. com means plan. In which www.sarket wind this error cost

(3) Subsequent applications for BTM / ATM approval should be sent to the Project Director, Atma along with the recommendation. (2) The Project Director shall, within the target limits of the eligible applications received by Atma, make verification and approval orders on the basis of conditions. (3) If more applications are received than the target, approval has to be given by randomization (draw) as per the method of iKhedut portal.

(3) Procedure for payment of assistance (1) The approved beneficiaries will have to deposit quarterly assistance amount of Rs.500 / – per month for cow maintenance expenses in the bank account of the beneficiary through RTGS / DBT. (4) April-June quarterly maintenance costs shall be paid in July, July-September quarterly maintenance costs in October, October-December quarterly maintenance costs in January and January-March quarterly maintenance costs in April.

(3) From the date of approval of the application for the available period of that quarter, maintenance expenses of Rs.500 / – per month will be paid. (3) Every three months the Gram Sevak / BTM / ATMA will have to submit the certificate of survival of the cow with tag and the beneficiary is engaged in natural agriculture on the basis of which the Project Director Atma will have to pay quarterly assistance. If the farmer does not have a cow during the inspection and does not engage in natural agriculture, the assistance under the scheme will have to be stopped. Considering the number of applications, Project Director Atma will be able to allocate Gram Sevak / BTM / ATM operations. *

(2) Review of the scheme: General conditions and bids for reviewing the scheme at the district level in the meeting of the state level committee if the District Atma Governing Board (AGB) and every six months (1) Immediate assistance will have to be discontinued if found to be out of use. (2) The controlling officer of this scheme shall be the Director at the State level, the Consortium and the State Nodal Officer, Atma and at the District level the Project Director shall be the Spirit as the Implementing Officer of this scheme. In case of any question regarding the implementation of the scheme, the final decision on interpretation / technical matters will be taken by the Director, Consensus and State Nodal Officer, Atman in consultation with the Additional Chief Secretary (Agriculture).

(3) The project director, Atma at the district level shall maintain a register containing the name of the beneficiary, name of the village, account number, amount of assistance, year of giving the benefit etc. (2) In case of death or sale of native cow or discontinuation of natural agriculture, the assistance available shall be discontinued and re-application shall be made when another cow is reared and natural agriculture is practiced.

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