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Not an eye specialist, this app will check your eyes

This modern technology-based app examines the eyes and tells you how many glasses you will be wearing.

Jaipur. If you have glasses in your eyes or want to have your eyes checked, there is no need to see an eye specialist, as only an app will do the job. Yes, this is a mobile phone app that will check your eyes and tell you how many glasses you will be wearing. After that, you can go to the eyewear store and buy the eyewear of that number.

In just 20 minutes, the investigation is complete-

download eye test application click here

This application bears the name of Blink and works on Autore Rector, Lensometer and Phoropter technologies. It only takes 20 minutes to check eyes through this app. This app will examine your eyes and send the results to a specialist with information about the glasses who will give you a slip. However, the cost of this process is $ 75 (around 4,700) which can be heavy on your pocket.

This is how it works-

The Blink app that checks eyes looks like a black device in a mobile phone which can also be called a viewmaster. For this reason, unlike common eye control machines, this app does not have an automatic refractor, as this app does the job of the refractor itself. It uses green and red rays as the ray for the eyes. When these rays reach your eyes, the beam itself measures the refractive error. After that, the second device of the smartphone called an objective meter measures the ability of the eyes to see, that is, the number of glasses you need to wear is the same lens that gives the information.

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