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Download IQ Option Online Investing Platform. For many new traders, the primary question they have is, “Is the platform I want to trade on is a scam? The reality is, many digital options platforms are out there to take your money. Some will live for a few months or even years before closing shop. The ones that are actually legit will offer excellent services and, by the way, share your information on third-party websites. will give freely.


Checking on these third-party sites will help you find answers to many questions; Like where does IQ Option get its prices from? Is IQ Option going to close? And many such questions will be answered.Luckily for you, I have checked on your behalf. Read on to find out whether IQ Option is a scam platform or not. In other words. Can you trust? iq option?


You cannot completely trust what IQ Option owners say about their site. You will need to dig further to know whether these claims are true or not. That’s where third-party websites come in. But what exactly would you be looking for?Here are some points to check.


How many visitors does the platform receive per day? That is, how many unique visitors (with unique IP addresses) visit the site each day? If the site attracts high traffic, you can assume that it is quite popular.What is the rank of that site by third party sites like Sites that rank higher among third party websites not only attract more traffic, but are also considered trustworthy.


Where is the site hosted? The best options trading platforms are hosted in North America and Europe. It is an indicator of investment in the latest technology to ensure that the platforms are running smoothly.Look at where the platform’s traffic comes from. Are multiple people accessing the site directly or from a third party site? Those who access IQ Option directly are very likely to be account holders. This may just be an indicator for how many traders the platform has. Indirect traffic comes from other sites. They may or may not be traders. For example, you can read one of my guides, find the strategy you like and go to your IQ Option account to trade with it.


Finally, you should look at the distribution of traffic. That is, which countries are the visitors to IQ Option? If the traffic is distributed in hundreds of countries, it is an indicator of the popularity of the platform.

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