Download PDF Medicinal Herbs – Composition and Use | Aushdhiya Vanaspati

Download PDF Medicinal Herbs – Composition and Use | Aushdhiya Vanaspati

Medicinal Herbs – Composition and Use | Aushdhiya Vanaspati PDF File Download
Learn about herbs and botanicals that are used in complementary and integrative health approaches with the free HerbList app from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH). For each herb or botanical, the app includes an identifying picture, common names, information on what the science says, potential side effects and cautions, and resources for more information.
Medicinal Herbs - Composition and Use | Aushdhiya Vanaspati PDF File Download
Herbal Medicine or ayurvedic treatment is the most ancient treatment in human history. Herbal or ayurvedic medicines have been used for centuries for treating different types of diseases in different regions of the world. Before the invention of modern medical science people used to treat many complex diseases with herbal medicine.
Medicinal Herbs – Composition and Use | Aushdhiya Vanaspati PDF File Download
Even today many people rely on herbal treatments they are cheap, convenient, painless and effective. Herbal or ayurvedic medicines are derived from various herbs and medicinal plants. No artificial chemical is used to make herbal or ayurvedic medicines. As a source of herbal medicine is natural, herbal or ayurvedic medicines are side effects free. So people of all ages and types can rely on herbal medication.Additional features include the ability to mark favorite herbs for quick recall and offline accessibility. From the National Institutes of Health’s NCCIH, the HerbList app offers trusted, credible information.
Once the application is opened one can go through the provided menu and click on the required menu item to get detailed information on the same. The user Interface is very simple, just the basic knowledge of using android application is enough to use this application. The application has been considered the information for specific categories of medicinal plants, so that anyone can easily find the specific information required for them.
To help you decide what plants are best for you, we present in this app most of the know medicinal plants, their notable health benefits and medicinal plants and their uses with pictures and scientific names. You can consider this app as a medicinal plant introduction that will help you understand the different types of medicinal plants and herbs. It’s like the encyclopedia of medicinal herbs.
By knowing the benefits of medicinal plants, it will be useful to avoid the medicines made of chemicals. It will be useful to the patients to get relieve from the side effects that arise due to allopathic medicines. The plant’s resources can be used to treat the disease from cold to the cancer. E.g. Pepper seeds are used to cure throat disease similarly each and every medicinal uses of plants are mentioned in detail in this application.
The application contains:
Medicinal plants
Herbs For Health‏
Spices For Health‏
Beans For Health‏
Vegetables For Health
Nuts & Seeds For Health‏
Medicinal herbs and plants
Botanical names of plants used as medicine
Medicinal plants and their uses offline
Natural medicine for health
Herbs and their uses
Pregnancy precaution
Breastfeeding precautions
Medicinal Herbs – Composition and Use | Aushdhiya Vanaspati PDF File Download
We continue to work hard to make this application improved and more valuable to you. Please send us an email for any questions / proposals / difficulties. If you like any feature of this application, don’t forget to rate us on the play store.
Medicinal Herbs App is the study of botany and use for plants intended.Plants have been the basis for medical treatments through much of human history, and such traditional medicine is still widely practiced today.The scope of herbal medicine is sometimes extended to include fungal and bee products Herbal dietary supplements most often fall under the phytotherapy category.

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