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We are committed to supporting local farmers and their families by using sustainable, quality and locally sourced products. Our focus is on sustainable, organic, grass-fed beef, dairy products and natural, organic, pasture-raised meat, milk and dairy products. We believe our customers want a wide variety of products and we feel that by creating a wide variety, we can ensure they are always fresher and cheaper than buying a single product.

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Our Sustainable Farm is a large-scale, self-sustaining operation that provides a stable income stream to farm families. We are a family-run farm that supplies our customers with quality food.

We are a farm that has no animal products and we provide a steady income source to our family. We are a farm that offers healthy, organic, and sustainable meals for the whole family.

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The Agroforestry Alliance is a sustainable farm-based movement in which the farmer and their community work together to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter. The farmer is responsible for the quality of the food and the community for the provision of it.


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