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The entire process from design to manufacture takes only four months. The whole process is 100% sustainable. Our furniture is made in small batches, so we have a good conimage VNavratri whatsapp DP Status 2020 image Y


 such as plastic, glass, iron, steel, aluminium, wood and fibreglass for furniture. The first generation of our furniture is made of recycled wood, which we recycle in our workshops. Our furniture also consists of recycled glass, steel, glass fibre and fibreboard.

ધોરણ 6 to 8  FLN EXEL ફોરમેટ ફાઈલ

ગણન ફાઈલ 

લેખન ફાઈલ 

વાંચન ફાઈલ 

મૂલ્યાંકન પત્રક ફાઈ

We have always believed that the only way to create a sustainable product is to start with the simplest possible materials.

So we have always worked closely with our suppliers to find materials that we can use and are confident in.

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This means we’ve worked hard to find the best possible materials and we have now found some amazing, sustainable woods.

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