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Solve your farm problems with just one photo from your Smartphone – Your Friend Farmer with Xarvio Scouting App.The Xarvio Scouting App is designed to help farmers and agricultural advisors make better decisions. Simply go around the fields and take pictures of the plants you can make: estimation of leaf damage

Anything you see while walking through the fields is recorded in a diary. This way the whole history is easily accessible to you. In line with this, you can take advantage of joining farming communities and you can use other methods. A radar scan lets you know if there is a disease etc in the areas around you? This gives you detailed information and can prepare you for an accident ahead of time. Alternatively, if there is an emergency in your area, you will be automatically notified of the message option.

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Finding and monitoring farm problems has never been easier, faster and easier.
Download and use the Xarvio Scouting App now. The Xarvio Scouting App is built on an in-depth study and understanding and develops it continuously. The more photos you get with other farmers around the world, the better.

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