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Download Teachmint – Free Live Teaching App, Teach Online.What is Teaching?Teaching is an Indian app that helps you to take your coaching/Tuition classes completely online and enables you for online teaching.Teachmint is an Indian app that allows you to take your coaching/tutoring classes online and it promotes online teaching.


Teachmint is India’s largest all-in-one app for teachers, tutors and coaching institutes . It includes features like live online classes, lecture recordings, real-time notes sharing, whiteboard functionality, online tests, chats, announcements & more. This free online coaching app can be used by teachers, home tutors, coaching centres & other educational institutes to manage all their online tuitions & digital coaching classes in one place.


Teachmint has features like live classes, automated attendance, conducting online tests, sharing study material etc.Teachmint has exclusive features like live classes, automatic attendance, taking online tests, sharing study material, etc.It is an easy to use platform for teachers. Teachers and students can manage all their tuition and coaching classrooms in one app.It is an easy-to-use platform for teachers. Teachers and Students can manage all their Tuition and Coaching Classrooms in a single app.

It is easy-to-use free mobile app for teachers to conduct unlimited live video classes. With Teachmint, teachers can go live anytime, anywhere and with any device (mobile/laptop/computer).Teachmint is a teaching app that combines live online teaching, student class management & coaching management. It helps teachers to conduct live classes from home and teach students across India.

In a nutshell, with Teachmint you can:
🎦 Conduct and record live classes
📱 Effective teaching with screen-share & whiteboard
💸 Manage fee
📖 Distribute recorded lectures, study materials and notes
💬Chat with students
⏰ Send reminders, assignments and MCQ tests
🗒 Automatic attendance
✔️ And more!

Teaching helps teachers in taking live online classes plus it has many additional features to make job of a teacher simple and easy. With Teachmint, you can do everything with just a single app for free from your mobile without any costly set-up or high installation fees. Not to mention, it helps you save both time and money.

Benefits of Teaching – The Teaching App:

✔️ Simple – Teachmint is very easy to set up. Teachers can add students by sharing a Classroom ID and start their live online teaching in just 2 minutes.

✔️ Free App– Teachmint App is free tool for teachers as well as students in India. We want to promote education and AtmaNirbhar Bharat through our #MadeinIndia App.

✔️ Secure – Teachmint is 100% secure and safe. Unlike many other apps that zoom into the lives of the users, we never use your or student data for any kind of ads.

✔️ Ads Free – Teachmint contains no ads so that you can get the best teaching experience.

✔️ Saves Money – Teachmint consumes very little data as compared to other video teaching app and still provides high-quality live online video. It saves you money on internet data packs. You can also share notes online(pdf, word, excel, youtube videos) and conduct live online tests saving money on printing.

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Unlike a few other platforms that slide into the privacy of the users and use their data and information, Teaching is absolutely secure and trustworthy. Some other platforms use their data and information by breaching the privacy of the user, but Teaching is a completely secure and reliable platform just the opposite. Why use Teaching?Why use Teaching?Best video conferencing with minimal data consumption ie. 300 MB for one hour of class

Saves Time – Teachmint helps you manage tuition batches, conduct live classes and tests, send notifications & reminders, and take attendance automatically.

✔️ Improves organization – Students can see all assignments on the assignment page and all study materials (e.g., notes, documents, photos, and videos) are automatically saved on the app.

✔️ Easy communication – The app provides a simple two-way video tool for teachers to conduct doubt sessions with students. You can also do a live chat with students while teaching and solve student doubts.

In the given situation, it is important for teachers to take their classes online. Choosing a Teaching App (also available on desktop) is the wise decision for any teacher or coaching center. Features like class recording, screen-share, and whiteboard, automatic attendance, timetable management, live classes, etc. make Teachmint a very useful online teaching app for any teacher who wants to take online classes and teach students.

Teaching App helps you to expand your coaching beyond the classroom and reach more students- not only in your city but across India. You can add students, promote your coaching or tuition and get more students with our social media integration.Teaching is made in India 🇮🇳. The App is taking India closer to the Atmanirbhar Bharat vision. Make India Proud 🙏🏻 by using digital Bharat ka digital coaching app.

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