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You are here to download desi hisab that means your kid must be in primary may be in std 1 or std 2 in gujarati medium. So here we have it in pdf format which includes lots of interesting stuff. You can also watch and download images of this gujarati desi hisab.

So first of all let me tell you what is desi hisab and how it is so helpful for the kids.

What is desi hisab ?

So basically desi hisab is a book which includes the very basic stuff that young kids needs to learn. It includes the things like Alphabets, Numbers, Name of the birds, name of the body parts etc.


These Desi hisab creates the base of the student as in knowledge point of view. Has your kid ever asked about the name of some flower or vegetable or fruit and you don’t know the answer ? Well you should download this pdf of desi hisab because it includes everything that children are enthused about.

Desi Hisab PDF

Download Gujarati Deshi Hisab PDF Free 2021

You can download free pdf of deshi hisab from our website below given link named “Download pdf” and it will be saved on your computer or smartphone. However you will need pdf reader in your device to open it. Most of the smartphone and computers has this pdf opening apps by default. You can also open this Desi Hisab in your chrome browser because it supports the pdf format.

Download Desi Hisab PDF : Download PDF

  • Gujarati Kakko
  • Gujarati Barakhadi
  • Shabda Vanchan
  • Tuchakao
  • Saga Sambandhio Relations (name of the relatives)
  • Season Name (rutu / Rutuo na nam)
  • Colors Name (rango na nam)
  • Week Names (athvadiya na divaso na nam kram ma)
  • Month Names (mahina na nam kram ma)
  • Insects Names (Jiv Jantuo)
  • Parts of Body (Sharir na ango)
  • Synonyms (Samanarthi)
  • Antonyms (Virudhdharthi)
  • Jodakana & Ukhana
  • Fruits Names with pictures (Fal na nam)
  • Vegetables names with pictures (shakbhaji na nam)
  • Vehicles Names with pictures (vahano na nam)
  • Flowers Names With Pictures (Fulo na nam)
  • Animals Names with Pictures (Prani na nam)

So all of these things in one little book or should i say one little pdf. We are providing it absolutely free so that’s another benefit. We are team of teachers and we teach these things to the students in our school. I myself am government teacher and believe me your kid is gonna love this book. Some people call it Deshi hisab in talapadi language and its also acceptable but Call it desi instead of DESHI HISAB.

Also do not help your kid all the time in solving ukhana and brain teasers. Let them pick their little brains a little. That’s the ultimate purpose of this desi hisab book. So all the best and we wish well for your kid’s future.

WhatsApp Web is a simple application that is yet effective and useful for accessing your WhatsApp. It makes your task faster and easier. Download it and take advantage of its excellent technological strategy. Managing your two WhatsApp accounts or managing their storage is now much easier.

Disclaimer: WhatsApp is created by us. It is neither the official WhatsApp app nor is it affiliated with WhatsApp Inc

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