E-FIR Citizen First Gujarat Police By Home Department

Citizen First Gujarat Police by Home Department

Citizen First Gujarat Police- Citizen services provided by Gujarat Police. This Citizen First Android Application is provided by Home Department, Government of Gujarat to enable citizens to avail online services. Citizen can do Application Registration, Senior Citizen Registration, Missing Person Registration, Stolen Property Registration, No Objection Certificate, Get FIR Copy etc.

Citizen First Gujarat Police

All applications submitted through this Citizen First Android App are received by the Ego Cop Project at the respective Police Stations. The concerned officer of the police station will take necessary action on the received application and after the relevant status will be available to the citizen through this mobile application.

We have designed a unique solution for their daily activities with a touch of technology to encode policing smarter and easier with informative and interactive dashboards. Where the police will be able to get all kinds of important information at their fingertips and feed relevant information for various purposes like crime prevention and control, police patrolling, civil protection, law enforcement maintenance endurance, etc.

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In short, the overarching goal of a police patrol officer is to ensure the safety of the communities served by the police department serving with the “e-Cop” solution while carrying out its legitimate mission.

A web-based citizen portal has also been provided by the Home Department, Government of Gujarat to avail all the services available through this mobile app. Citizens can use this mobile app or web-based citizen portal to submit and track their application.

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