Get EWS Certificate Online This way, 10% of government jobs are reserved

Nationwide, including Gujarat, a 10 percent reserve is provided for those who return economically to castes other than SC, ST, SEBR / OBC. Then read this report to find out how to get an EWS certificate for the benefit of booking online …

ઇન્કમટેક્ષ આકારણી ૫ત્રક : 2021-22 માટે
👉  નવા અને જૂના સ્લેબમાં આકારણી ૫ત્રક, ૫ગાર સ્લી૫, ફોર્મ નંબર : 16 એક જ ફાઇલમાં
👉  જી.૫ી.એફ., સી.૫ી.એફ. અને વિઘાસહાયક માટે આકારણી ૫ત્રક એક જ ફાઇલમાં
👉  ફકત માર્ચ 2021 નો ૫ગાર ભરો અને આખા વર્ષનું આકારણી ૫ત્રક તૈયાર
👉  વર્ષમાં વચ્ચે ઉ.૫.ઘો.ને કારણે બેેેેઝિક ૫ગાર બદલાય તો પાંચ વખત ફેરફાર કરી શકશો.
👉  વર્ષમાં ક૫ાતમાં ૫ણ ૫ાંચ વખત ફેરફાર કરી શકશો
👉 નવેમ્બર 2021 નું ૫ગાર બીલ બન્યા ૫હેલા ચેક કરી લો જેથી ઇન્કમટેક્ષ ક૫ાતમાં ફેરફાર કરી શકાય

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

People who return to the economy without SC, ST, SEBR / OBC will get 10% profit
The Modi government has hit a high note ahead of the 2019 general election
Gold with an annual income of less than Rs 8 lakh is entitled to a 10 per cent reservation
Ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Modi government at the center was very aggressive and announced a 10 per cent reservation for back-to-back economic classes. The amended bill was introduced in Parliament and President Ramnath Kovinde adopted the EBC Bill on 12 January 2019. Gujarat became the first province to implement the bill and came into effect on January 14, 2019. Under the bill, a person with a full family income is less than Rs 8 lakh in all sources. family income can earn a 10 percent share profit.

What is an EWS certificate?

It is possible to reduce petrol and diesel prices, and the government is doing this work under pressure from all sectors – Sources
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The full name of the EWS Certificate is the Weak Economy. This certificate is also known as the EBC certificate. The Federal Government and the Federal Government issued two separate certificates for the acquisition of the park.

Why is an EWS certificate required?

– Admission to an educational institution
– Obtaining booking exemptions from government services
(1) A maximum of 5 years may be removed from the public service.

Who can get an EWS certificate?

– If the income is less than eight lakhs
– If agricultural land is less than 5 hectares
– If the house is less than 1000 square meters
– If the company has a residence space of less than 109 yards of land
– If the building outside the organization is less than 209 yards of land

Link to fill out an online form (Read all details after opening the window and click on the Apply button below)

Click here

These 7 documents will be required for 10 percent gold reserves

– Passport

– Check

– aadhar card

– Incometax return

– Racial certificate

– BPL card

– PAN card

Joined Jandhan Yojana

If the returnees want a 10 percent job and education on an economic basis they should have a bank account under Jandhan Yojana. Under Jandhan Yojana, the owners of their financially weak accounts receive benefits.

The EWS certificate can be obtained online by following the steps given below

Step 1: Click on the link

Step 2: Now open the login page (if registration has not yet been done then they should register)

Step 3: After logging in, select your preferred language

Step 4: After selecting a language, scroll down and enter the Aadhaar card number in the space provided below

Step 5: After adding the Aadhaar card number, click the Continue button

Step 6:

Now after Next click fill in all the details on the form and save it for future reference as the reference number is made, then upload the document and pay the fee.
The process of verifying your documents will now take some time. Notify SMS to your mobile number after text confirmation
You can then go to the nearest sin office to get your EWS certificate.

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