Gift a Stock to Your Child | MUST WATCH for Every Parent | Best Gift for your Child’s Future by Apurv Sheth

Give stock to your child | YOU MUST NOTE EACH PARENT | The best gift for your child’s future

Girls are a very precious gift to their parents. Be sure to give them a special gift that will give them a bright future. What could be better than giving a good quality stock that your child can keep for a long time.

Our market planner, Apurva Sheth recently became the father of a baby girl. Her grandparents wanted to give her something that would give her a bright future. They were thinking of investing in a fixed currency because they were safe and offered a stable return. But Apurva believed that stocks or stocks would be a better option than a term deposit.

The interest rate on term deposits has dropped by 3% every ten years. Therefore, term deposits are no longer attractive now.

In this video, Apurva explains their stock selection process they end up giving to her daughter. We bet you won’t want to miss this video if you are a parent. If there is one child in your life that you love the most, then this is the video you should watch.

stock market The stock market is a place where you can make a lot of money by investing your money. This market is entirely dependent on the country’s economy, global products, foreign trade and RBI policies, etc. The stock market has shares in the name of various companies. By investing in it, new investors face the initial difficulties. But as the investor begins to better understand the stock market, he becomes an experienced player.

Give stock to your child | YOU MUST NOTE EACH PARENT | The best gift for your child’s future is Apurv Sheth

The stock market is made up of several sectors

The stock market has a variety of areas. Oil, wealth, banking, consumer goods, metal, steel, energy, telecommunications are some of the areas where an investor can invest as he chooses. If an investor has to choose the company he likes, he must first know the company. The investor must know the company’s balance and profitability.

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Choose your best category

As we have seen above, investors have many sectors in front of them in which they invest. It is difficult for anyone to know which of these sectors will be the best to provide investors with a good short-term and long-term profit. This task becomes more difficult when the global economy is in shambles and the world is in the grip of an economic crisis. In such a case, experts advise to choose medium-term stocks, as large stock sleeves die more in such cases.

How to plant

This will be the first question for investors, how to invest? Decide first when you need the investment you want as this allows you to choose long-term and short-term shares. Get to know the company you invest in. With this you can get help from counselors. You do not have to invest in the same company. You can also invest in multiple companies.

A Demat account is required

You must have a data account to invest in. For this you need to contact all retailer companies such as Share Khan, Reliance Money and India Infoline. Until recently, stocks were sold physically. Shares transferred directly. But not anymore. They are now being bought and sold through a demo bank account or financial institution. You can buy and sell shares yourself or a stock company in your area.

Time to invest

Investors can use two methods of investment. Long-term and short-term investments. Investors can hold purchased shares for a short period of 3 to 6 months. To be able to hold the goods you have purchased over time for more than 6 months. Ordinary investors are told that long-term investments are as good as day trading and short-term investments are very risky.

Nowadays, stocks are traded electronically. This process was done through the Mumbai Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. In addition to trading, investors can seek home help from traders such as Share Khan, Reliance Money, ICIC Direct.
What is Stock Market in Hindi: In today’s article, we will take a basic look at the stock market. Who doesn’t want to make money in this world. Money is very important in meeting the needs of everyone.

Only when we have money can we make our dream come true and without money our dream will always be a dream. So all the people in the world today give great value to money because having money means you have respect, wealth, house, relatives, friends, everything. . this.

There are many ways to make money in the world, some people make money by doing work, some people make money by doing business, and some people make a lot of money by investing their money. pole.

But where do these people put their money at risk, where do people get profits even if they have put their money at risk? This place is a stock exchange. Everyone may have heard of the Share Bazar in Hindi, but not everyone knows what happened there. So today I will tell you what the stock market is and basic information about the stock market in Hindi.


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