Good news for farmer Big decision of Bhupendra Patel government of the state,

Farmers should contact the government if the fertilizer costs anywhere: Sanghani


The case of rising fertilizer prices in the province

There has been a lot of news in recent days about rising fertilizer prices for farmers. In it, Gujcomasol chairman Dilip Sanghani appeared today and clarified the matter, saying no price increases had been made.

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Fertilizer prices have not increased, government has increased subsidies: Sanghani

Dilip Sanghani said there was no increase in fertilizer prices, the price of urea was kept the same and subsidy increased. Subsidies to DAP were increased from R200 to Rs 1,600 and there was no price increase. The price of NPK has been reduced from 1700 to 1450.

If fertilizer costs anywhere, the farmer should contact the government: Sanghani

Sanghani went on to say that Mandviya is serving as the Minister of Fertilizer in the government of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prices of fertilizers have risen sharply worldwide, increasing the economic burden on government. Yet the government does not allow the burden on farmers to grow by increasing subsidies. I have to see where this thing comes from and that the price has gone up. Government policy is clear that there is no burden on farmers.

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