Hide photos and videos Calculator vault APK Free Download 2022

Mini-Computer Vault is an exceptional security insurance application to effectively cover photographs and recordings that you don’t need others to see on your Android gadget. Keep Photos and Recordings Away – Adding Machine Vault keeps your photos/recordings private with shelter and photo and video storage. Calculator Photo Vault is a vault app that can secretly hide photos, videos and other files without anyone knowing because the gallery lock installed on your phone looks just like a beautiful calculator and works very well. Your files will be secretly stored in a vault and can only be viewed after entering a numeric pin on the calculator panel of this app.
Top Features:

Vault: Through the AES encryption algorithm, encrypt the content you don’t want to share with others, and the file format, and size without any restrictions, but also supports taking pictures and video recording.

Browser: An inbuilt private browser for your secure browsing of private websites and downloading photos from the web and photos instantly lock inside the vault and leave no trace on your system.

Cover photographs and recordings with the Adding Machine application symbol and protect your security. You can import your private pictures and recordings into this secure archive and no one but you realizes its reality.
Moreover, the cover-up photographs and recordings are arranged delightfully, giving you an easy and classy experience of image display vault.

Notable highlights:

Hide pictures and hide recordings effectively
Change the application icon

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Video vault, photograph cover-up, display vault and bring exceptional experience to customers

The app security framework is very secure, using the passphrase you create to access the app

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