How to Use the Same Whatsapp Account on Two Different Phones at the Same Time

One of the downsides of WhatsApp is that each WhatsApp account is associated with the same phone number which limits its use on one phone at a time. This is because the WhatsApp application periodically checks the active phone number on your phone and if it does not receive any mail it will ask you to double check for reuse. Therefore, multi-phone use of the same WhatsApp account on a multi-phone does not usually work. But it is an easy task.

– You open a web browser on another phone that you want us to do on WhatsApp and go to

– On mobile browser, it will automatically redirect you to WhatsApp’s home page. From the browser options, select “Request a desktop site”

– In the phone in which WhatsApp is installed and running, go to Options / Settings and select “WhatsApp Web”

– First scan the QR code displayed on the other phone from the WhatsApp app and it will automatically log in to your WhatsApp web on the other phone. Now you can use WhatsApp on two phones simultaneously.

To use WhatsApp apps on two different phones, both devices must have WhatsApp installed. If you try to connect to a third device, the service will require you to log out of any. Remember not to close the browser application on another device.

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