Magic Slate – In the phone to teach young children to write

Download Magic Slate best app for students: Draw, write, kids can learn to paint, read and write with pleasure on your Android mobile as a slate or notepad.


This app is designed especially for children, they can draw any picture, write the alphabet and even write arithmetic numbers to study. The great feature of this app is that it is very attractive and very easy to use and easy to understand for children.


Kids can start their study with the Magic Slate app. This application is also very useful for children to identify colors.


I like how they make your job feel like training. Were in the middle of a project, which means the people were busy, so we had to be efficient in the amount of time we spent in front of the computer. The only time I can honestly say I was super

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productive during the process was when the other members of our team left and we each worked at our own pace, so it felt like were working in small groups. Of course, as I am a perfectionist, it was difficult to tell them that we all had to work faster than the next, but it was necessary. I loved playing that game and it was fun to watch the others play.

This app design makes it more attractive for kids
Magic slate drawing and writing board with multicolor
A digital slate where you can write, draw and wipe
It’s a free app and an off-line app
Children can learn to draw or write the alphabet and numbers
Save your children’s pictures to your mobile
Kids can start their study with this wonderful app
Multiple brush sizes available to choose from

મેજિક સ્લેટ એપ્લિકેશન

Share and print your child’s artwork with family and friends
Eraser is available for correction

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