Name Shadow Art Wallpaper, Set your stylish name as wallpaper.

Name Shadow Art Wallpaper is one of the best Shadow Art Maker App, where stylize text you write such as your name, dear name, father, and mother name. Name Art photo editor offers you a photo editor that gives you the option to put photo stickers and text on pictures.

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If you need creative name text then here is the best app where you can do name on text with different style & font. Name Art shadow maker app has a creative design that makes your name phenomenal. You can use this app to create Names with different art & share them with your family and friends. Name Art Photo Editor is your name on photos or anything else you can think of. Name Art Wallpaper has stylish backgrounds and an option to put text on photos with font and style.

Name Art shadow Maker to write Name on Text with different Background work as awesome name creator & editor, love greeting card creator. You can easily create & edit as per your needs. In Name Art maker app has a filter option that can easily transform any name with filter functionality. Now customization becomes easy, Name Art wallpaper has the ultimate customize feature which changes name style, name fonts, background, and many more.

Our aim is to make your wish come true using personalize your background, we suggest you put your name on the photo with stylist font & colors, stickers. Make your experience lavish with Name Art Maker. We believe to make your experience better with Name Art Photo editor.


– Here is the stylish text font which makes your name art superb.

– Ultra-fine typography with lots of fonts.

– Customize font & shadow-based colors.


– Amazing Stickers in App

– Set stickers anywhere in the photo

– Background stickers for photos.

Features of the app:

– Free to use

– Useful for anyone, anytime.

– Create your 3d Name & fill it with shadows & colors.

– Huge collection of fonts & colors

– Make a unique name with a shadow effect.

– Easy to edit the photo in your gallery.

– Multiple Language support.

– Huge collection of stickers, fonts.

– Save your name as an image on your memory.

Thank you for your support!! Please download this application and rate through the play store.

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