Pitrutv Ni Raja Babatno Shikshak Jyot Answer

Shri Chhatra Kumar b. Patel Meghwadia Pvt. School, Ta. Gadda (Swami). Question: My wife has given birth for the first time on 8-9-2018 during vacation. Vacation was open on 11-9-2018 and due to the entrance ceremony in my school on 17-1-2017, I was the principal and the responsibility of the entrance ceremony was on my head. I could not leave the paternity leave. Or can such paternity leave be enjoyed at any time during the 15 days of maternity leave?


જવાબ વાંચવા  અહી ક્લિક કરો 

Ans: Mai Shri, Nana Pitrutvani Ja-Na Nama Na Panin Pramuni Thaya Dt. -Gandhinagar letter from Gujarat Government has issued a circular on paternity and maternity leave, it mentions paternity leave in which it is not written anywhere to take such leave at the beginning of maternity leave, paternity leave can be enjoyed by the employee after assuming paternity. Such leave is given for the purpose of helping the male employee to take care of the newborn. Such holidays cannot be denied. Questions about this come from telephone or letter from many friends. Those who are not given such leave by their supervisors saying that they get such leave only in the first 15 days which is really against the provision of the said circular. In this regard, such teachers who are the taluka instructor Samp or District Pvt. The teacher can avail the benefit as per the provisions of the government by submitting to the federation.

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