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Education is an important part of life. Siksha is a Sanskrit word meaning learning or teaching. We can get education in any way. Education prepares man intellectually. Similarly, in today’s modern age, online education is the easiest way to get an education.

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The online education system is like a godsend in modern times. Anyone who does not go to school for any reason can reach new heights through the online education system. This is an important topic for essay writing. Let’s see what is the online education system? Online Education Article

What is online education?
We traditionally go to the gurukul or class and sit in front of their teacher and learn their knowledge. But in the online education system, which is considered to be the latest form of education, we meet our teacher through the internet and via laptop or cell phone and gain knowledge.

Since 1993 online education has also been adopted as a valid educational method. This is called distance education in the language used. Of these, recommended courses are taught via VS / DVD and the Internet.

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Change with technology
Saving time and money
Don’t be afraid to take notes
In a changing environment, technology is also subject to many changes and its application is important. There are many changes in the way education is followed due to technology. The teaching materials used in online education today can be passed from one place to another thanks to technology. Online education saves time. In addition, students can take classes from their own homes.

As children continue to teach their teachers new reading ways from the online classroom and become interested in learning, this not only saves online tuition but also tuition fees or large training center costs. For example, as part of the Smile project, the Rajasthan government sends daily study materials, video, audio, etc. to school students via WhatsApp. With this new initiative, the education system has become easier than it used to be.

The changing reading environment makes entertainment even more exciting. Fatigue and good daily spending savings are saved from the moment of online education. In online education, you are not afraid of subjects and you take careful notes with the teacher. In online education, you can review your videos so that you are not afraid to take memorized notes.

Digital Access Information System (DAISY)Read India Online
To promote online education, our Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman launched a program called PM eVIDYA. The corona epidemic crisis is a challenge to the world of education. Online courses will be launched by 100 universities under PM eVIDYA. In this regard, the DIKSHA portal emphasizes on school education by the Central and State Governments.

Books based on e-content and QR codes will be provided to students in grades 1 to 12 entitled “One Country-One Site”. Within this framework, there is also a plan to provide significant support from the states. In “One Country-One Site”, the focus will be on getting education through radio, community radio and educational podcasts.

The Government of India will launch a psychiatric program for psychological support, mental health and emotional support for students, teachers and parents. In addition, the children were already educated through Swayam Prabha DTH.

It will include 12 additional channels, which will broadcast live sessions via Skype, 6 hours of course material per day and three TV rebroadcasts 24/7 each day of the week. There is an arrangement to take advantage of it.

Tata Sky and Airtel TV are also connected. An electronic content program for children with disabilities will be provided as part of the “Accessible Digital Information System” (DAISY), which will take into account the needs of students with disabilities. The government campaign to move the existing education system online was already underway, which is now accelerating due to the corona crisis.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has launched a campaign to make India read online on the subject. There is a product to teach many online courses in the future. UGC has released a comprehensive plan for this, under which universities will have to teach 25% of the curriculum online only.

In addition to promoting online education, the government also focuses on teacher preparation. This is the reason why we are ready to provide online training to all teachers who teach in schools. Currently, the task of preparing the entire program is assigned to the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE).

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