WhatsApp launches awesome feature, knowingly say wow! Had fun

The company has begun rolling out this feature. Its clarity is that on a group call you can join from within.
WhatsApp brings a great feature

રજા બાબતનો નિયમ વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

You can now join a group video call later
Read all the information about the feature
WhatsApp is constantly changing or improving for the convenience of its users. WhatsApp has now introduced a new feature. How to get in the middle of group calls.

In fact, the company has announced the addition of a long-awaited feature to the app. This feature allows users to watch missed group videos or voice calls later.

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This means that when the call goes in the call is missed and if the call continues not to be viewed between this video group or voice call. If the phone is still active you can leave and join again.

Suppose WhatsApp makes this feature available a few weeks ago. Now this feature can be very helpful for people who need a group video call or a voice call too. Sometimes the phone has to be cut in half but there is no option to re-join. The company introduced this feature keeping in mind its need. Users can now easily view a lost voice or video call by going to the phone tab.

A phone details screen will also appear, the company said. Where you can find out how many people are on the phone and who are invited but can’t see them. When you click Ignore, you can see the call again with the Call tab. The company has begun issuing tangible calls.

How can I get involved in an ongoing team call?
If you ignore group or video calls you will see the option to join the call directly from the group chat on WhatsApp. Users will see a notification. The group name will appear instead of the number of people in that group. The join button appears on the screen. With it you can connect with it.

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